Saturday, January 4, 2014

A+X #16 Preview

A+X #16
Writer: Sean Ryan
Art and Cover by: Goran Parlov

The Story:
• Spider-Man + Psylocke = a heart-breaking story from their past!
• Part 5 of the Captain America + Cyclops story by Gerry Duggan (Deadpool) and David Yardin (X-Factor)

In Stores: January 8, 2014


Brian said...

Ugh, high heels. Still, I'm stoked for the story.

climbs4kicks said...

One giant step backward. The disney-fication grows more obvious

FSaker said...

Why would a ninja wear high heels in battle (unless she intends to kick people in the eye with the heel to cause further damage)?

I dislike Spider-Man, but this story can be nice depending on how it is conducted. I just hope Psylocke isn't portrayed as an action-junkie bimbo who has to be helped by Spider-Man; she's much, much better than that.

Vigmed said...

Ugh. Stiletto heels as part of a uniform are unforgivable. If she wasn't in uniform it'd be okay. But even then, if that happened I'd go nuts with excitement if the artist, or writer, had her take the heels off and go barefoot so she could fight with better balance.

We can hope the story is good.

Matt L said...

Did anyone get the Sesame St. cartoon reference?

FSaker said...

So, while today's spoilers aren't posted here, there's some news some of you may be interested about:

Marvel announced this year's big event, named Original Sin:

From the description of it, it seems that this event will actually be a real Marvel event, unlike the previous ones which were basically Avengers events with other Marvel heroes being featured in tie-ins.

Anyway, apparently this is a murder mystery story and there will be two teams investigating the Watcher's death. One of them will include Emma Frost... some years ago, when Emma was constantly sold as the X-Men's First Lady, this would bother me a lot, but now that she's a runaway seen as a criminal, her inclusion is fine with me. But I hope Aaron is using her because of her background; if he picked her just because she's a telepath, ANY other telepath (from Psylocke and Rachel to even Karma and teen Jean) would make more sense (since their telepathies still work correctly, unlike Emma's).

But apparently there will be other characters featured in this story, so hopefully Betsy will appear as well.

Ste5366 said...

Ughh what a waste of a story line. What was the point of it other than to upset Psylocke fans. These stories in my opinion are only getting worse.

Paul said...

I think that less than 16 pgs isn't enough. But Why did Marvel choose to do a Captain America vs Cyclops story? That took up a lot of space.