Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cable and X-Force #18 Spoilers

Spoilers: Hope finds out Bishop is back to the present after watching a live feed of Cable’s precognitive visions and decides to chase and kill him. Meanwhile at L.A., Bishop argues with Storm about her erasing his memories. Psylocke tries to calm him down, but Bishop is upset and states that the man he was once is dead. Boom Boom warns Cable that Hope is planning to kill Bishop. Cable doesn’t want Hope to kill him, only because of her as Cable himself wants to kill Bishop on his own. Hope finds Bishop in California and attacks him. Psylocke mind tracks Bishop and discovers he’s fighting with Hope. Pysocke, Storm, Puck and Spiral head to their whereabouts. Back to California, Stryfe opens a portal and surprises both Bishop and Hope, rendering them prisoners. Cable reaches them only to witness Stryfe taking Hope and Bishop with him through the portal. X-Force also arrives at the site. Psylocke demands to know what happened to Bishop, while Cable is upset they brought him back to the present. X-Force engages Cable.

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FSaker said...

Who started the fight, Cable or the X-Force (which I assume is Betsy's UXF team, not Cable's)? Because unless Cable attacked them, Betsy could have reasoned him out to tell her where Bishop is, or she could just read his mind. I know superheroes have a bad habit of fighting each other before thinking rationally, but Betsy and Ororo should be better than that.

Oh well... what about A+X? Any spoilers about the Psylocke/Spider-Man joint adventure?