Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Uncanny X-Force #17 Spoilers

Spoilers: Hope stabs Bishop with the psimitar, to the dismay of Cable and the joy of Stryfe. Spiral teleports all members of both X-Forces aboard an airship to the abandoned bunker. Colossus and Puck attack Stryfe. Peter manages to hit Stryfe once, but is ultimately defeated. Boom Boom and Nemesis are next, but fail to strike a blow. Psylocke tries to control Stryfe’s mind, but it’s useless. Stryfe taints her about her Shurayuki Blade before Colossus comes to Betsy’s rescues and smashes his head. Elsewhere, Spiral teleports the others to where Bishop and Hope are. Hope reveals Bshop’s got a clean cut and will recover; Hope didn't kill him as she didn’t want to disappoint Cable. Stryfe is upset and gets ahold of all X-Force members, but didn’t expect to stab him from behind with his own psimitar. Stryfe forces Hope to mimic his omega-level limitless powers, hoping she won’t bear such power and destroy everything within 10 miles. Styfe flees, leaving the X-Forces for dead. Bishop teaches Hope to master Stryfe’s powers and focus it upwards. Later, the X-Forces regroup. They’re unable to track Stryfe. Hope tells Bishop he earned a pass but makes no promises for the next time they meet as she still hasn’t forgiven him. Cable thanks Bishop for saving Hope. Storm wants Psylocke to go back to the school with her, but Betsy refuses. Cable compliments Psylocke for handling herself well before and tells her the future looks very bright for the first time in years.


Tazirai said...

Extremely happy that Betsy is out of this hacks hands. Come on Spurrier. Disappointing X-force out of Cables crew, and bad X-over event. Hope can hold the Phoenix force, but not Stryfe? Whatever!
The term Omega needs to go away permanently, it's a useless term now. Everybody wants their favorite to be Omega..
Glad Betsy was using her old stealth tricks though, she fought like a butterfly and not a brute.

Matt L said...

This issue states that Psylocke is the third most powerful telepath on the planet. Who are the other two? Professor X and Jean Grey are not around. Emma Frost's powers are still broken. Maybe Rachel? Quentin Quire?