Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Uncanny X-Force #17 Art


Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Why are they acting like Psylocke doesn't spend time at the school? She clearly is there in Adjectiveless? Even if not in the role of a teacher. This is the problem that Marvel has with having too many characters cross over too many books. Continuity goes out the window.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Digressing for a moment, I have always wondered why Elizabeth kept the code name, Psylocke as it was the name that Mojo gave her in New Mutants Annual No. 2. In fact, he and Spiral referred to her as "the Psylocke" as she was nothing more than an object... a toy.. for them to manipulate and use however their insanity saw fit.

FSaker said...

I hope this refusal to return to the school doesn't mean that Betsy will leave Adjectiveless X-Men... and I don't say that just for her: this book started with the prime X-ladies, but Rogue and Kitty already left. If Psylocke leaves as well, many readers may stop reading it (and that would be a shame, as it is really good).

Though I wouldn't complain if she left the Jean Grey School to join the New Xavier School (she would make much more sense there than Kitty does, actually).

Enny Giwa said...


You wouldn't complain if Psylocke was being written by Bendis and confined to perpetually prosaic character motivation/voice for the rest of her bleak days ?

Betsy doesn't have a (logical) place there. By Scott's side or as a facilitator of his farce-filled 'Revolution'.

FSaker said...

Oh, I'm not discussing the quality of Uncanny X-Men or of how Bendis writes his characters' dialogues and voices; I just mean that Psylocke nowadays is more proactive, even rebellious, so logically she would fit very well with Cyclops's team. And, as bad as it is, at least Uncanny is the flagship book (...well, one of them, All-New being the other - speaking of which, she never appeared in All-New except for the Battle of the Atom crossover, has she?).

Still, of course, my preference is that she will remain in Wood's X-Men book. Maybe Betsy just meant that she won't return to her role as a teacher in the Jean Grey School (but will remain in the security staff), not that she won't return there at all.

I hope that's the case; Spurrier's X-Force seems very promising, but I wouldn't like to see her removed from X-Men just to be in X-Force.