Wednesday, May 15, 2013

David Lopez & Terry Dodson Rejoin the X-Men

Marvel: Debuting on May 29, Brian Wood's X-MEN has already gotten fans talking and readers ready for the team's next stage of evolution.

The team consists of heavy-hitters Storm, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Rachel Grey and Jubilee, a roster that's being brought to life in the opening arc by artist Olivier Coipel.

X-MEN #4 adds artist David Lopez to the title's creative team. Last year he provided pulse-pounding pencils to Wood's dynamic run on X-MEN and he’s also contributed to NEW MUTANTS as well as WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. Following Lopez in the rotation will be UNCANNY X-MEN stalwart Terry Dodson.

We spoke with Wood about the action-packed artistic future of X-MEN. Brian, David Lopez previously collaborated with you on last year's X-MEN series. Was he a shoe-in for inclusion from the get go?

Brian Wood: I think it was always the plan and everyone's intention to bring David in as soon as possible. Certainly for me it was. I love David's work and it clicks just right with my words. Both Olivier and David are phenomenal artists who excel at drawing character emotion and action. But what makes them different? Is David's arc a story best suited for David Lopez, and how so?
Brian Wood: I always try and tailor the script to the strengths of the artist, so yeah, I'll have that in mind when I come up with ideas and write the actual scripts for David, just like I did for Olivier, and everyone else I work with. As far as what makes them different—I mean, I generally dislike comparing artists like that, but they are both proven, solid, amazing X-Men artists. Your previous run on X-MEN contained equal parts personal drama and high action. Will a similar balance be played out in David's new issues, or will it be heavier on one side?

Brian Wood: Well, ideally, we'll find the right mix. Action and drama is basically what the X-Men is as a concept. But this new series, this is designed to be a very action-heavy book, so what you'll probably see, comparing it to last year's X-MEN, is bigger, badder, and seriously amped up action alongside the drama and the interpersonal stuff. David's up to the task, I know he is! When picking artists for X-MEN, what has to be considered? Is there a unifying trait that Olivier, Terry and David all have?

Brian Wood: Being great? [Laughs] That's the most honest answer. Put together like that, this is a dream team. I missed working with Terry way back in 1999 when I came onto GENERATION X just as he was moving off it, and so I'm happy to finally get the chance to work with him. Is there one character in particular that each artist seems to have gravitated towards? Does one of their takes on one of the X-Men stand out as particularly exciting?

Brian Wood: It's hard for me to say since it all looks solid to me. I know from talking to Olivier at C2E2 recently that he feels pretty strongly about Storm, and I know David draws a killer Storm from working with him last year. Personally, I'm a big Jubilee fan so she's who I'm looking out for the most. Oh, also, Rogue! In my stories, I'm amping her up a bit, making her a total brawler, and I love how Olivier's drawn her in all these action scenes.


FSaker said...

Although IMO Coipel is the better artist among the three, I like David Lopez's and Terry Dodson's arts as well, so this is good news. This book will have many good artists, it seems.

47 said...

"making her a total brawler" !!!! YEAH... Please Wood bring Rogue back.

Wendell said...

Personaly I love David Lopez's art! I wasn't a big fan of his work a few years ago, but nowadays his style is quite similar to Frank Quitely's which is very good...