Tuesday, May 28, 2013

X-Position: Rick Remender

CBR: In this week's X-Position, Rick Remender tackles all the issues from more reactions to Charles Xavier's death, the powers of Emin and Uriel -- the Apocalypse Twins, plans for the upcoming "Infinity" event and more.

I feel like at its core, "The Dark Angel Saga" was Psylocke's journey to take. Between Archangel's twins running around and the Avengers finding out about X-Force's involvement with it, will we see the lovely miss Braddock giving her input anytime soon?

Rick Remender: The Twins' focus is on hating Wolverine, the person who led X-Force to kill the child Apocalypse as well as Archangel, their father. They see him as the number 1 target and the man who has to pay for these crimes. So at this stage there will be no Betsy in the story. But that could change moving forward, who knows?


FSaker said...

Really? I would assume she would be their primary target - after all, Wolverine may be the one who led the team to kill Archangel, but Psylocke is the one who actually killed him.

Good for Betts that she's not their target, I guess.

Anna Carolina Vale. said...

Does anyone know anything about the Deadpool #11 Variant Cover that features Betsy and Logan in a rather, hm, I can't describe it.
Anyway, I just saw it on tumblr, here's the source link:

FSaker said...

That's Viper, not Psylocke; look at her gun. She was married to Wolverine for a short time, and she used to be the governant of the Madripoor underworld.

Anna Carolina Vale. said...

Yeah, the gun was what confused me, but as it was at the Psylocke tag I didn't even question. Thanks c: