Thursday, May 16, 2013

‘Deadpool’ Box Art Features Psylocke and More

Connected Digital World: High Moon Deadpool‘s box art has been leaked ahead of next month’s launch. TheDeadpool cover features the eponymous anti-hero alongside characters such as Wolverine, Psylocke, Cable, Rogue and Domino.

The character, who is known for breaking the fourth wall, is accompanied by a self-recommendation in place of a review quote.

The action brawler features platforming and shooter elements and includes various Marvel character cameos, as well as Wade Wilson’s typical narration.

Nolan North will reprise his role as the voice of Deadpool following Marvel vs Capcom 3,Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and the Hulk vs animated television show.


FSaker said...

Rogue? Interesting choice... I don't think she has any kind of connection with Deadpool... does she?

The cover looks nice, Psylocke looks nice (even though kinda fanservice-y), but will the only Marvel characters in this game be X-Men (or associated with the X-Men)? For some weird reason Marvel constantly tries to associate Deadpool with the X-Men, but I always saw him as part of the "broader" Marvel universe... people like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra, Bullseye, Black Cat and other vigilantes or mercenaries would fit better in this game than Rogue, in my opinion (although I'm not complaining of her presence; Rogue is a great character).

Doctor Deadpool said...

Deadpool first appeared in New Mutant #98, technically making him an X-Men hero/villain/anti-hero (he's been all three at one point or another). To compound this, he's also associated with Wolverine in how he got his powers.

It's true that Deadpool doesn't keep to one side of the tracks, however, and personally I don't think he fits in with the X-Men.

That in itself makes for an interesting narrative, as it says something when you're such an outcast you don't fit in with the other outcasts.

CmX said...

I hope they're all playable in some sort of combat maps or multi player maps. Or it would be cool to switch between characters at certain points in the game kinda in the vein of Batman/Catwoman in Arkham City. But in the end hopefully the game will be good so I can pick it up.. for Psylocke of course! Awesome that she's front and center of the group on the bottom, even before Wolverine D: Maybe she has a pretty large role?

Doctor Deadpool said...

Of course she's front and center- Deadpool probably had final say over the cover!

FSaker said...

@Doctor Deadpool - Yeah, I already knew that (but thanks for the explanation, anyway). Still, like you said, he doesn't keep to one side of the tracks, and that's why I think some non-mutant heroes and villains (like Spider-Man, Elektra, Daredevil, etc.) should also appear in the game (...well, maybe they will) and in the cover, IMO.

But that's a minor complaint; besides that (and Psylocke's sexualized pose), the cover looks great. And the game seems promising as well.

Doctor Deadpool said...

It's hard to tell what non-Deadpool fans know and don't know. I agree with all your points- I'd actually like to see Spider-Man as an antagonist. Deadpool status as an anti-hero gives him some flexibility in the enemies department. Literally anybody can be Deadpool's enemy at any given time.

I think it's worth noting since Daniel Way's the writer, but "Dead" (in my opinion Daniel Way's best work- faint praise, I know.) probably offers the biggest hints as to what Psylocke's role and character in the game is going to be.