Friday, May 3, 2013

"X-Men" Variant Cover by Mike Deodato


FSaker said...

Beautiful cover! Although half the team is missing...

I wonder when Marvel will show Skottie Young's Marvel Babies Variant Cover for this first issue. All of his covers for the first issues of Marvel NOW have been great so far.

CmX said...

I don't care for the Skottie Young variants. They don't even look like babies to me.

Unknown said...

I really think Mike Deodato wins Best Improvement for superhero artists. He's come so far from the silly "bad girl" art he used to do.

FSaker said...

He's an amazing artist. And he's also a very nice guy; I met him at a comic con in Brazil and Deodato was nice to everyone there (and showed a great sense of humor with his comments).

This book will get a good number of variant covers, right? Coipel's (well, his is the official cover, actually), Dodson's, Brooks's, Deodato's, Young's (which still needs to be shown), that one with Deadpool and zombie-fied Beatles...

Feels like a strategy to increase sales. I hope this first issue sells very well (hopefully above 100 thousand copies)... and that the other issues sell just as well, too! I'd say I also hope it is a good book, but with Wood and Coipel working on it, how could it be anything but fantastic??

FSaker said...

I don't know if you have already seen this, but Young finally showed his cover for X-Men #1 (and it's adorable!):

And there's also a Midtown exclusive variant cover, drawn by J. Scott Campbell:

That means so far this first issue will have SEVEN covers!! And I love them all (well, except the one with Deadpool...)!

Brian Nache said...

There are currently 13 variants for Xmen 1:
Dynamic Forces
Mile High
Dragon's Lair
Dead Pool

At least that's what I am aware of. Now, can ANYONE tell me what the ratios are?!?