Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Uncanny X-Men #19 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke infiltrates the War Room X, her former HQ in the Savage Land, seeking to deal with Magneto once and for all. Erik springs a trap and destroys the Room. Magneto tells Betsy he’s been expecting this confrontation from the very first moment he recruited her. Psylocke mind-controls a Tyrannosaurus Rex to attack Magneto, before hiding. Magneto wonders if Psylocke saw too much of herself in his ruthless and cold-bloodedness actions and feels somewhat remorseful about this final encounter. Betsy surprises Erik again and tells him his team is gone: a stabilized Mystique might still be a killer but knows she should stay away from Magneto; Sabretooth reverted to his old ways and Monet hasn’t been the same since her encounter with her brother, both gone; Xorn vanished after what happened in New Attilan, deeming himself too dangerous; Archangel was left in charge of the weaponized mutants, the so called sleepers; and no one knows what became of Fantomex after he went deep into The World. Betsy accuses Erik of wanting them to be X-Men, X-Force, the Hellfire Club and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at the same time. They both keep fighting until Erik destroys Betsy’s metal katana. Psylocke forges a telekinetic katana and stabs Magneto in a deadly way. Psylocke says that he will die a slow, painful death and that mutantkind will have a chance now with Erik out of the picture. After Betsy leaves Magneto to die alone, Elixir and Exodus both come to his rescue. Elixir heals Magneto anew. Erik declines their invitation to join them, and tells them he must remain “dead” for the sake of mutantkind, but no that dead… not yet.


Gaile Peck said...

This was great. So now we know why Psylocke is not in the "new" books. I always knew that it would come down to her and Erik having a big fallout, but the icing on the cake was Betsy kicking his butt. He totally deserved it.

Eduardo said...

This was really good. That is why she is one of the X-Men. One of the first stories I read of hers was when she stabbed Magneto after having her powers amplified by Fabian Cortez and the scene in this issue reminded of that!! After what Magneto did to her, he deserved it...I am glad that she was the only X-Man that took the risk to integrate his team and face his wrong doings.
Hope she keeps developing in this direction on the upcoming Astonishing book.

Jeferson Santos said...

I am really mesmerized with this power demonstration! That's what I'am talking about! An omega level mutant with telekineses and telepathy, fights like this! Psylocke is one of the most powerful minds! (It's still ridiculous like they wrote she taking a METAL sword against Magneto... Pathetic writters!). The best part of ALL this for me, is the most underrated character (my fav) kicking the ass of the "great", "feared", "unmatchable" Erik Lensher.