Wednesday, March 8, 2017

IvX #6 Spoilers

Spoilers: While Magento threatens those beneath him with the black jet, Emma happily looks on. The Royals show up, and Medusa orders Crystal and Johnny to take out Magneto. Crystal happily accepts as payback. Emma encourages the X-Men, as Rogue figures out Emma wants blood on her hands. Emma and The Cuckoos instantly control 4 Inhumans mentally. A mentally controlled Johnny leads an attack against Crystal and Medusa. A Mosaic-controlled Storm sweeps in to defend the Inhumans, but Naja jumps him. The X-Men worry as Magneto and Storm are now out. Emma yells at them to fight. Black Bolt jumps at Emma and she crystalizes and rams her hand through his body. Emma mocks him as she holds his bloody body. Karnak and Lockjaw arrive and knock Emma out. Karnak calls her “flawed”, but Emma rebuffs saying she’s “perfect”. Colossus and Havok arrive, and Havok, angry at Emma, blasts her using his powers. Psylocke, X23 and OML corner Medusa, Reader and Frank. Psylocke threatens Medusa and they fight. Reader tells Medusa they need to retreat but Medusa wants to make a stand. Just then, Ahura arrives in a big ship. The ship contains Forge and the NuHumans. Medusa is relieved to see Ahura and Iso, who tell her the truth about why the mutants attacked. Medusa claims they could’ve just asked her. Moon Girl and the NuHumans hand Medusa the control to the “terrigen eater”. As the cloud is about to hit and kill Magneto, Medusa hits the button causing the machines to suck up the terrigen. Emma is not satisfied and wants the attacks to continue. Teen Cyclops jumps in and exposes the truth about Cyclops. Storm asks Emma if it’s true and she gladly admits it saying it’s what Cyclops would’ve wanted. She then takes out her own remote and says “so is this.” Explosions! Mega Super Sentinels show up! Emma has turned them against the Inhumans. Emma mocks Medusa asking her how it feels. The sentinels blow up the “terrigen eaters”. Emma wonders why she didn’t do that earlier. OML saves the life of a grateful Inferno. Forge reveals Emma must’ve gotten in his head to build the sentinels. Cerebra goes to stop them, but Magneto blows them up. Emma thanks him and Magneto replies: It’s like I always tell people… Emma was right! Medusa and Black Bolt fly up together to stop Magneto and Emma. Johnny surprises them all by blowing up a mega sentinel, which allows Medusa to hit Emma and knock her out. Magneto comes to his senses as Emma was controlling him. As Medusa holds a diamond Emma with her hair, Storm destroys the rest of the sentinels. Medusa gives a speech about how much Cyclops’ death tormented her. Medusa then tries to kill Emma, but Havok blasts her. He tells Emma he’s doing this for Cyclops and not her. The two teleport away.

Muir Island: Storm, Jean, and OML meet with Beast to release him and apologize. Medusa narrates that Emma, who’s on the run, is now wanted by the X-Men as much as the Inhumans.

New Attilan: Medusa abdicates, and Iso is the new Queen of New Attilan. For the first time in 200 years, the Inhuman society will hold free elections. Medusa thinks love drove Emma mad and so she dumps Johnny Storm as she makes amends with Black Bolt.


FSaker said...

...So the Inhumans defeat the X-Men (although at least they agreed to destroy the damn terrigen cloud) and Emma is completely crazy. Once again, Marvel paints the X-Men as the bad guys (and for some reason, Psylocke thinks it's a good idea to fight Medusa head on, when she could just use a telepathic assault to knock her down). Yay... not.

Oh well, still a less offensive event than AvX was. Hopefully both mutants and inhumans will get to coexist peacefully someday.

PoetryInMotion said...

@FSaker Medusa comments that she has psychic defenses later on when she plans on taking Emma down.

It still doesn't excuse how this fiasco unfolded.

Jeferson Santos said...

Psylocke's telepathy is supposed to be strong enough to break any shield since she've became an omega (if she could broke The Apokalips shields... She can break anything)