Thursday, March 2, 2017

#tbt: X-Men #22 – The Revanche Saga, Chapter 3

#tbt: X-Men #22 – In the state of Lord Nyoirin, the X-Men do battle with the Silver Samurai, whom they manage to defeat. After the fight, Gambit finds a scroll behind the torn painting of Psylocke/Kwannon they noticed earlier. It is Nyoirin's diary. The X-Men study Nyoirin's diary. Written in Japanese, Psylocke says that she cannot read it. Angered, the British Betsy uses her Psi-blade on Psylocke to explain what the scroll said and to mind probe Psylocke to see what she recalls. Through Psylocke's memories, the X-Men see Kwannon on a shipping dock where she finds Betsy Braddock unconscious just after she emerged from the Siege Perilous. Kwannon tries to help Betsy but when they touch both their minds merge and the two people become one mind in two bodies. With the memory finished, Psylocke, who feels angry about what she considers lies from Betsy, attacks her, forcing Gambit to step in and break up the fight. Suddenly, Lord Nyoirin arrives and explains to the two female X-Men that both of them are Kwannon and both of them are Betsy Braddock. Written by Fabian Nicieza and Art by Andy Kubert. Read full summary here.


FSaker said...

I really hated Revanche in this arc. I know she had reasons to be angry and all, but she was so arrogant and so aggressive... it's a shame that Betsy never got the chance to retaliate and kick her in the mouth or something. Unfortunately, that never happened.

In terms of art, her hair was as mutant as she was: in one story it would be curly, then wavy, then curly again... both styles looked nice, but it was weird how her hair would completely change in the same battle.

I'm sorry for people who like Revanche, but personally, I wouldn't mind if Marvel never brought her back again.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I agree! I want the body back or even the one Jamie created in Otherworld, but Kwannon is a plot-device and an extremely underdeveloped, worthlessly contrived character. She should stay dead.

Brian said...

The only way I could even imagine Kwannon coming back is as a completely separate character with only a nominal connection to Psylocke and her old life. And come to think of it, that would actually make sense, given what we know of her personality. If she were to be resurrected intact and in her own body I think she would most likely want to simply leave the turmoil and trauma of her experience with Psylocke and the X-World behind and move on, perhaps becoming an assassin again. In my mind I fantasize about Kwannon, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who puts her knowledge of the X-Men to use as a liaison between the two factions.