Thursday, March 9, 2017

Uncanny X-Men #19 Preview

Uncanny X-Men #19
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Edgar Salazar
Cover by: Ken Lashley

The Story:
• When she left the ranks of his X-Men team, PSYLOCKE promised that if MAGNETO stepped out of line, she would end him.
• And now, in light of the events of INHUMANS VS. X-MEN, Psylocke is going to make good on that promise!

In Stores: March 15, 2017


FSaker said...

Now THAT'S how Psylocke should have fought in IvX #6!

But, as for her reasons to attack Magneto... didn't Magneto say Emma was mind-controlling his actions in IvX #6? Unless he was lying and Betsy read his mind at that time to find out the lie...

Nevertheless, I have no idea of who Edgar Salazar is, but his art in these preview pages is great! I hope the entire issue will look this good.

Antone Poitier said...

Next week is going to be awesome. Not only this coming out BUT she'll be released on MCOC in arenas and her crystals.

FSaker said...

By the way, more details about the new book:

- It's called Astonishing X-Men (NOT X-Force, yay!!)
- Bishop and Fantomex are the final members
- Charles Soule will be the writer (the artist wasn't revealed yet)

Looks cool (except for Mystique; she just doesn't fit as an X-Man), and Soule isn't a bad writer but not great either, so it can either be excellent, terrible or something in-between. Fingers crossed for the first possibility.

Jeferson Santos said...

Oh please... This is so reductive to her... Be tired for doing a simple tk globe like that?!?! I really hate Marvel. She is supposed to be the greatest telepath (after Young Jean...) and she is so limited... The same Psylocke that overwhelmed Apokalips? Shut up