Monday, March 6, 2017

Marvel Announces 'ResurXtion' Mystery Series

Newsamara: Marvel has teased another X-Men title launching this summer as part of its "ResurrXion" relaunch. Announced on Twitter, the promo art by Jim Cheung features Old Man Logan, Archangel, and an unknown number of silhouetted characters. It was tweeted with the caption "The comic series fans have been demanding! Coming June 2017."

Though no title or creative team was revealed, the line-up seems to strongly imply that the new series will be a variation on the more recent iterations of X-Force. Both Logan (albeit a different version) and Archangel were key characters in Rick Remender and Jerome Opena's popular volume of Uncanny X-Force from a few years ago.

Expect more teasers that will reveal this apparent team's roster in the coming days before the inevitable full details of the mystery title are finally announced.


FSaker said...

That interview with the X-editors seemed to indicate that Psylocke and Archangel would be together in whatever project they were added, so I suppose she's one of the silhouettes. Emma Frost may be there as well, and it seems there are two people wielding guns (...Cable? Bishop? Hope? Fantomex? Punisher - hey, stranger team-ups have been happening nowadays...).

I hope this won't be a new X-Force book, though. First of all, Weapon X is already filling this role; second, it would be weird if Betsy joined X-Force AGAIN, after trying to overcome her murder addiction throughout THREE different X-Force teams (sure, the second one with Storm and Spiral was more like a new version of X-Treme X-Men, but it was still called X-Force, so...).

Eduardo said...

I would also guess Cable or Bishop as the big guy handing a big gun and maybe Deadpool as the other shadow with a gun. Old Man Logan in another title seems too much for me, but let's see what happens...he remembers what happens during Secret Wars and this may be promising, though I think this will be more explored in other teams in which he is also present.
I agree regarding the assassin's role not being repeated for Betsy. I would expect more evolution of her role in recente uncanny events. Defines her better as an X-Man and matches the lessons she learned from the past events.

Toca do Caranguejo said...

Frankly, I think to be a new X-force (or whatever the title for a more beligerant X-title). Firstly because "Weapon X" it seems specifically for put and end in all-new experiments for Weapon X projects and secondly because of new threats can come from anywhere. Okay, I agree than X-force isn't my dream title but it is salable anyway.

PS: I would prefer a X-woman series or Hellfire Club series starring Sebastian Shaw. It would be amazing!

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

I would love for Betsy and Doug to be on a this team together. We have not seen them in a scene together (save for one I think during Messiah War, but they don't interact) since his resurrection and now that he's an adult.

PS: How is Doug now a grown man. After being resurrected via the techno-organic virus, shouldn't he be the physical age he died at?