Thursday, March 6, 2014

X-Force #2 Preview

X-Force #2
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Rock-He Kim
Variant Cover by: Adi Granov
• Cable. Psylocke. Fantomex. Marrow. They are mutantkind’s protectors, spies, assassins and torturers!
• But just what has driven each of them to join the most deadly incarnation of X-FORCE yet? Yes, Marrow is back!
• But how has she regained her mutant powers and what does it have to do with X-Force’s first target?


pound my cakes! said...

Adi Granov! You do know Psylocke correctly. See all you fans how good she looks with her naturally modified purple hair

Eric Ton said...

Alright, new x-force. Can't for the display of the new mutant weapon.

Also found another appearance of Betsy in the Wolverine battling killer robots.

FSaker said...

Cool preview. I like the idea of Cable contacting all mutant leaders (the preview already shows Wolverine, Storm, Polaris, Magneto, and an unlettered preview showed that he will also contact Cyclops and Havok) to let them know about the dangers to all mutantkind. Although I'm not too sure if Mystique should be contacted (if anything, she might even join the villains).

Spurrier likes to write his stories affecting all mutantkind, doesn't he? X-Men Legacy often included many X-Men and other mutant heroes (Psylocke even appeared in two arcs).

On the other hand, he should tone down Fantomex's (fake) French accent. He never used his accent so much. Damn, even Gambit who is well-known for being annoying with his French accent never used it as much as Fantomex is doing now...

Speaking of which, a crossover between X-Force and All-New X-Factor would be quite cool (Gambit interacting with Fantomex, Psylocke interacting with Cypher, Cable interacting with an Avenger)... but I'm digressing now, sorry.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I would love some Elizabeth/Doug interaction. I don't think there's been any at all since his return. They always had palpable chemistry and I would love to see how them discuss their deaths, resurrections and times being manipulated. And now Doug is a man-grown. They can actually act on their attraction if it still exists. Plus, their mutual adoration was so pure back then.

Maybe Doug never recognized Elizabeth in Kwannon-Face? LMAO.

clubafterlife said...

Ha-ha,the last panel is glorious!Always a kick to read Betsy's dry sense of humour,in the previous issue I felt Spurrier made her sound overly chatty.

Also nice that she mentally incapacitates enemies from a distance from time to time.

MellyMel said...

Yes. Her hair has been purple for over purple for over 20 years and should always be made purple. Why is this such a hard concept for artist/writers/editors/fans to grasp? Its getting annoying

Vigmed said...

"Maybe Doug never recognized Elizabeth in Kwannon-Face? LMAO."

Laughing my own ass off at that. I'd love any writer that would make a play on that.

Eric Ton said...

Hey guys, I found another sneak peek for X-men 13
Amazing sketches done by Clay Mann

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


LOL. For real. He lived on Utopia with her ((and even appeared in a few issues of Second Coming with her, I think) and their friendship was never once acknowledged... which is bad writing, in my opinion.

FSaker said...

Yes, when the X-Force returned from the DOFP future, Betsy was the one who ran to carry Doug (since all the X-Force members were nearly dead). They are certainly aware of each other being alive and well, it's just that no writer wanted to show them interacting with each other.

About the X-Force preview, I also found interesting that Cable didn't want to reveal his team members. I don't think Fantomex and Marrow would benefit from this action (since they're both already wanted criminals, a thief and a terrorist), so it may be Psylocke that he's really trying to protect. As a X-Man (better saying, a X-Woman) and sister of a respected super hero, she's the one who has a lot to lose if people find out that she's affiliated with a black-ops team.

Changing subject, thanks to Eric Ton for showing two other previews featuring Psylocke! She looks pretty in the preview for Wolverine #3, and Clay Mann's art is always welcome.