Wednesday, March 19, 2014

X-Men #12 Art


FSaker said...

Telepathic invasion, use of Mary's fear of losing her sanity again, and trashing of her wardrobe... Betsy was quite mean this issue.

Then again, Mary DID make her get out of the X-Mansion in her underwear, so it's justified. Good for Betsy that she was wearing a t-shirt and that the underwear she was wearing covered her rear (a feature that even her classic bathing suit uniform didn't accomplish most of the time).

Amos Thomsen said...

Who is this Gabriel guy???

FSaker said...

Gabriel Shepherd was introduced in Wood's final arc in X-Men vol.3, before the book got a new writer, got cancelled and then relaunched with Wood again as the writer and the X-Women as his team. He's the last protomutant (a kind of ancestor to mutantkind, kinda like the Neanderthals are to the Homo sapiens) alive on Earth.

Gabriel has A LOT of superpowers, including superstrength, flight, telepathy, teleport, the ability of aging very slowly (he's actually many centuries old), probably healing powers (it seems that he healed Monet after her first fight against the Enchantress), among others. Since the man is so powerful, I guess Wood doesn't consider him a good addition to Storm's team (after all, what kind of threat could threaten him?).

It's interesting that, when the X-Men first met Gabriel, he decided to go under the radar instead of joining them. I wonder how Sabra convinced him to become a part of her team, and how she convinced him to dress like a superhero (I think he looks better in his business suit).

Zebedee said...

That was brilliant what Psylocke did w Mary and so funny about the fishnet comment. Mary had it coming for offending her on so many levels. Lol!