Tuesday, March 18, 2014

X-Men #12 Preview

X-Men #12
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Kris Anka
Cover by: Terry Dodson

The Story:
• Conclusion to Ghosts
• The Sisterhood is fully formed, and the battle for leadership begins!
• The X-Men must choose…take down the Arkea Sentinels or go after the Sisterhood.

In Stores: March 19, 2014


FSaker said...

Maddie is back!! Maddie is back!!

But... did I misunderstand these panels, or was she revived in Ana Cortes's body? If that's what happened, is she supposed to look like Ana with red hair and green eyes, or look exactly like Madelyne, or look like a combination of features of both Ana and Maddie?

Could this be an even more complicated case of body-swapping than Psylocke's? Could this be even weirder than Xorna being the future version of the past version of Jean Grey in the present? For both questions, I hope the answer is a no.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I've yet to read the issue, but this looks convoluted. Did Arkea and company somehow splice Grey DNA into the Cortes body? How does Madelyne look like herself?

I'll be interested in seeing a reunion between Maddy and Rachel as the latter has mistaken Maddy for Jean more than once in the past. Didn't they fight during Inferno?

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Also, Ororo and Elizabeth were once great friend with Maddy as she was part of the Outback team and also tried to save her psyche from Sinister when it was merged with Jean's during Inferno. I'd love for that history to be acknowledged.

Justin Samuels said...

In issue 11, Arkea purchased Jean Grey genetic material. Sabra confirmed it. So Arkea spliced Grey dna into the Cortes body, which is why we saw her (Arkea) working over the corpse. When Storm saw Maddie and Selene she mentioned how far back they went and that she and the X-men were there only to kill Arkea.

FSaker said...

Besides splicing Jean's DNA into Ana's corpse, I assume Arkea also made the Enchantress conjure Maddie's soul into it, right? After all, Jean's DNA itself doesn't equal to Madelyne being back (if anything, it would equate to another clone of Jean running around).

As to how Maddie looks, from the preview pages she seems to look like herself. Then again, it's hard to tell; we only know she became a woman with red hair and green eyes, not if she has Maddie's facial features, Ana's facial features or a mix of both.

And yes, I would like to see Storm and Betsy remembering their friendship with Maddie. Although Betsy may not be happy to see her after what Maddie did to her in Fraction's infamous Sisterhood arc.

Justin Samuels said...

After Arkea spliced Jean Grey dna into Ana's corpse, Amora conjured Maddie's soul. When Storm met Maddie she immediately recognized her as Maddie, so she has Maddie's features. Storm does remember her friendship with Maddie and that Selene helped them defeat Nimrod.

Anna Carolina Vale said...

To me Maddie just seemed to dye her hair in the first few pages.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


I thought that Fraction confirmed that the Red Queen was not Madelyne. That whole arc was trash.

FSaker said...

Rahsaan Chisolm,

He did. However, notice that he only said so in an interview; it was never stated on-panel that they weren't the same person.

Now, consider that Brian Wood doesn't know every single detail of the X-Men's continuity (and in this case, who can blame him?) and that the editors haven't been doing the best job with continuity lately (that's why suddenly Kitty was trained by Present-Jean when the two of them barely interacted with each other before Jean died), and I think it's quite likely that Wood will consider Fraction's Red Queen as the real Madelyne...

MellyMel said...

the penciler for this arch doesnt do a very good job at storytelling imo. The first battle with Monet and the Enchantress for example. I totally would not have gotten that Monet was beaten to death from the panels i saw there. I hope the art on the next arc is a lot better