Tuesday, March 25, 2014

X-Position: Spurrier Constructs An All-New "X-Force"

CBR: To further elucidate his intentions for "X-Force," Si Spurrier joined X-Position to answer your questions about his sophomore ongoing series, including his plans for the cast, whether he plans to address plot points from previous incarnations of the series, developing the current version of Marrow, the thematic relationship between "X-Men Legacy" and "X-Force" and more.

Will you elaborate on what happened with Dark Fantomex and Cluster?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI SAYS YES. Probably. I have plans. [spooky wizard-doing-magic fingerwiggle]

Does EVA still have her humanoid form?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI SAYS SORT OF. And suggests you check out Episode 4 for a more complete answer.

Will you follow up on the Angel/Psylocke relationship?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI PULLS AN AWKWARD-TO-ANSWER-FACE AND DOES A GALLIC COMME CI COMME ÇA HAND-WOBBLE. I've said previously I'm resistant to the notion of Psylocke being purely defined according to whomsoever she happens to be boffing, which I think has been a risk with her depiction sometimes in the past, and I'm particularly leery about doing so using old relationships. Readers will have noticed already that I've made a point of drawing a line under the Psylocke/Fantomex thingy, much to Fantomex's consternation and confusion. He'll get over it soon, I promise.

So, there are plans for Psylocke which -- oh-so-nebulously -- could be regarded as relating to her lovelife, though perhaps not in the way you might think. Same's true of Fanto, incidentally, though in an opposite direction.

As for Angel -- nothing imminent, but I'd repeat my previous wiggly-fingered wizard up to no good bit, with an added arched brow, to assure you I have Thoughts And Ideas Of Relevance.

Any interaction with other teams?

Spurrier: RAPID-FIRE SI SAYS YES! Teams both new and old. You'll appreciate the main objective of the first arc, besides telling a severely twisty and splendid story, is to bed-in and fortify the team's role, so I've hesitated to go chucking-in all sorts of big distracting A-list cameos from the getgo. But we'll see some exciting new groups in episodes 4 and 5, and by the time we hit episodes 8 and 9 we're in recognizable superteams endeavoring to murder each otherterritory. Which is always nice.

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Snarky Grin said...

I think it's intersting that Phantomex is wearing purpley-pink gloves reminiscent of Psylocke.

FSaker said...

Great interview! I'm glad to know that he won't define Psylocke by her relationships (a mistake that many writers seem to commit with her - even Remender did it, although he did it in such a great and fitting way to the overall story that we can easily forgive him). Nice to know that Weapon XIII (a.k.a. Dark Fantomex) and Cluster will either appear or be mentioned somehow, and I wonder which teams X-Force is going to meet (hopefully not the Avengers, unless it is Cage's Mighty team... Fantastic Four and X-Factor would be my two main choices).

But my favorite part of this interview (and that wasn't published in this blog, understandably so, since this part doesn't mention Psylocke) was Spurrier replying to all the bad reviews X-Force is getting, just like it used to happen to his X-Men Legacy book. I wonder if the CBR team of reviewers noticed that his comments apply perfectly to them (on the other hand, IGN's team have nothing to worry, as the last issue of X-Force got a positive review there). Honestly, I agree with him, Legacy was brilliant, yet most reviewers thrashed it month by month.

47 said...

FSaker You are so right. My only complain is the art. not couse it´s bad, its not, its just diferent. I like to see romance in betsy life, it always part of her core. but that doesn t need to define the character. Shes a strong women. I like the art of this pages and i like fantomas. Glad to see him in wolverine and x men. for me the best part of the uncanny x-force was that wiked love triangle and betsy was so well writing. But yes, that have to be closed. like the body stuff.

Simon said...

Off topic. Do we think this is Psylocke sitting on Eimen's committee?


Simon said...

Though given she actually killed Eimin's dad that's a little inconsistent.

FSaker said...

Looks like her. And I'm not sure if Eimin knows she was the one who killed her dad (even if she did, I'm not sure if she would mind it - I mean, that's the woman that easily allowed her own twin brother to be killed).

Plus, Remender did say that Psylocke would be important in Planet X. If she's involved with Eimin's activities and later finds out the truth, it could have a huge impact in the entire story.

MellyMel said...

im loving the artist on these panels. I hope whoever he is he sticks around for a while