Wednesday, March 19, 2014

X-Men #12 Spoilers

Spoilers: After Ana Cortes terminates her own life, the Sisterhood uses her body to resurrect Madelyne while Deathstrike and Arkea now inhabit the same body (that of Reiko). With the aid of John Sublime, the X-Men track Arkea Prime to Japan where they take the Sisterhood by surprise. Monet takes on the Enchantress and makes Amora rethink her alliance to Arkea. Psylocke takes on Typhoid Mary and easily defeats her. Storm and Rachel face Arkea, Madelyne and Selene. Madelyne subdues Rachel, but Storm offers Maddie and Selene a deal: the X-Men will let them go because they’ve come for Arkea. Maddie warns that she’ll recruit a new Sisterhood before leaving with Selena. Arkea is left alone. The X-Men warn her that they’ve isolated all Arkea impact points and have neutralized 90% of them. Arkea has nowhere to go. Karima shoots at Arkea’s brain with a gun designed by Sublime which will only eliminate Arkea, not Lady Deathstrike. Arkea is terminated. In the end, Karima decides to leave the team and work with Sabra and Gabriel. Meanwhile, the X-Kids and Jubilee manage to overcome the Sentinels.

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FSaker said...

Poor Arkea. She seemed to be a promising villain, but never got to do much, did she? First she possessed Shogo and Karima, then got kicked out of them. Then reformed the Sisterhood and made it as powerful as ever (not that it would be hard considering Madelyne was the only powerhouse in the previous Sisterhood), only to be betrayed and easily killed.

Anyway, the bullet killed only Arkea, so this means that Lady Deathstrike is still around (and now again as an Asian woman), right? But what about Reiko's consciousness? Was it destroyed by Arkea? Is it still living and sharing her body with Yuriko?

As for the Sisterhood, who is still part of it? Maddie and Selene, OK. But what about the Enchantress? Typhoid Mary? Lady Deathstrike (presuming she's still around)?

Anyway, it seems to be a good ending to this arc, ending Arkea's plot, preparing the way for more appearances from the Sisterhood, saying goodbye to Karima (I like her, but she wasn't fitting with the team, in my opinion) and maybe welcoming Pixie as a new member. I wish Rogue and Kitty were still around, but Pixie would be a welcome addition.

By the way, I read that Betsy messed around with Typhoid Mary's mind, is that correct? I know Mary is a villain and all, but to do such a thing to someone with her mental issues is kinda nasty... not that I'm complaining; Betsy always does what she feels that needs to be done to fulfill a mission.