Sunday, February 23, 2014

X-Men #12 & X-Force #2 Advanced Previews

 X-Men #12 by Kris Anka

X-Force #2 by Rock-He Kim


Eric Ton said...

Yeah, I am so excited for Brian Wood's X-men. Psylocke looks like she about to kick some ass. You have Selene and Madeline Prior where they are going be in a huge psychic battle with Betsy.
I hope Spurrier could succeed in doing something great. I am so psych to see Psylocke newly develop transformation as a full pledge X-force member.

FSaker said...

Madelyne and Selene vs. Psylocke? That could be interesting. Both villains (...I don't like calling Madelyne a villain, but oh well...) are very powerful, Selene with her energy drain ability and Madelyne with her magic, but although they're both telepaths as well, none of them excel in it, while Betsy may be one of the best telepaths in the Marvel universe nowadays.

And yeah, I hope Spurrier will be able to succeed with X-Force. He's a good writer (even if quite unconventional for comic book standards), and I love all the characters he chose for the team.

Vigmed said...

But wait, "A New Challenger Enters!" Isn't M also a telepath? 2vs2 Lets go!

Doubtful. Or if it did, I bet M just ends up getting angry and flips a table, making a mess of things and the villains get away - again.

Selene is one of my favorite villains, glad she's back! I'm really hoping we get to learn more about all of them, especially Maddy and her return.

Collin Sanford said...

Welcome back Maddy and Selene! We've missed yall. All we need is Chimera or Sienne Blaze and the Sisterhood is complete in my eyes.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

I totally agree. Maddy really got shafted. Have you ever read Claremont's take on what Marvel mafe him do to her?

"The original Madelyne storyline was that, at its simplest level, she was that one in a million shot that just happened to look like Jean Grey, [a.k.a. the first Phoenix]! And the relationship was summed up by the moment when Scott says: "Are you Jean?" And she punches him! That was in Uncanny X-Men #174. Because her whole desire was to be deeply loved for herself not to be loved as the evocation of her boyfriend's dead romantic lover and sweetheart. I mean, it's a classical theme. You can go back to a whole host of 1930s films, 1940s, Hitchcock films—but it all got invalidated by the resurrection of Jean Grey in X-Factor #1. The original plotline was that Scott marries Madelyne, they have their child, they go off to Alaska, he goes to work for his grandparents, he retires from the X-Men. He's a reserve member. He's available for emergencies. He comes back on special occasions, for special fights, but he has a life. He has grown up. He has grown out of the monastery; he is in the real world now. He has a child. He has maybe more than one child. It's a metaphor for us all. We all grow up. We all move on.

Scott was going to move on. Jean was dead get on with your life. And it was close to a happy ending. They lived happily ever after, and it was to create the impression that maybe if you came back in ten years, other X-Men would have grown up and out, too. Would Kitty stay with the team forever? Would Nightcrawler? Would any of them? Because that way we could evolve them into new directions, we could bring in new characters. There would be an ongoing sense of renewal, and growth and change in a positive sense.

Then, unfortunately, Jean was resurrected, Scott dumps his wife and kid and goes back to the old girlfriend. So it not only destroys Scott's character as a hero and as a decent human being it creates an untenable structural situation: what do we do with Madelyne and the kid? ... So ultimately the resolution was: turn her into the Goblin Queen and kill her off."

Vigmed said...

It is because of this it is why I will always dislike, hate, Scott. Sure, it is ultimately the people over at Marvel that is to blame, but still, it is why I can't stand him as a character. It is also the reason I always cheer for Maddy to win! lol

I hate retcons and whatever gimmicks used to "youthenize" the characters, they don't progress! And I mean, I get the why of it, it's just, so, boring.

I would LOVE to read about our favorite heroes kid doing stuff or their kid's kid. You know?

FSaker said...

Rahsaan Chisolm,
Yeah, I knew about that. It really sucks that Madelyne had to become a villain (out of NOWHERE) and die just for Scott and Jean to be together again. That made me hate both Scott and Jean for a long time, although Jean got somehow redeemed when she died (again) and Scott got redeemed after he suffered the same editorial treatment in AvX, just because Marvel wanted the Avengers to look like "the good guys".

Back to Madelyne, the fun part is that she was previously redeemed in that awful The Twelve crossover, when she psychically contacts Cyclops and Cable and offers them a chance to leave the physical world to remain in safety with her forever (both men were imprisoned by Apocalypse back then). When they refused the offer, she said her last goodbye and left...

...Then Fraction completely forgot about that and brought her back as a villain again. Oh well...

Zephyrzon said...

Selene and Maddy are my faves and now all one can hope for is Chimera's return to the sisterhood.It'd be nice to see Marvel do something with Threnody as well. Hopefully both these powerful ladies stay alive and appear in future stories outside of this arc.

I understand all the Maddy sympathy but when it all boils down to it she is a villain who attempted to sacrifice her own flesh and blood and made a pact with demonic creatures. Yes its a tragedy but unfortunately writers turned her into a monster so I cannot route for her due to all her past transgressions.

I for one was glad that they turned her into a villain because it helped me realize how terrible Scott Summers is.

Matt L said...

Madelyne Pryor is one of the worst cases of women in refrigerators in comic book history. Bringing her back as a villain and letting Cyclops remain a "hero" just seems misogynistic.

Zephyrzon said...

@Matt L

I never liked the fact that Scott got off scotch free for abandoning Maddy the way he did. I always hoped that Jean would find out and be so disgusted by his actions that she would refuse to be with him. Its the least they could have done after the way they gave Madelyn the short end of the stick.

Eric Ton said...

Hey, guys, have you read the latest Uncanny Avengers. OMG, how would Betsy respond to the children of Archangel. I wish Remender would interact Betsy with this series.
But there is the old Betsy from the different dimension.
Here the link:

I found another link for Psylocke.
She going to be in New Avengers

FSaker said...


Yet, Jean had no problem to remain with Scott, and even used Maddy's death to get closer to him again. Sure, Scott is the cheater, but to me, Jean isn't much better than him.

@Eric Ton

Cool! That's one more appearance for Psylocke. Too bad that she seems to be an alternate Psylocke from an alternate Earth; in fact, this is the second alternate Psylocke that Hickman shows in New Avengers (the first one was dressed as Lady Britain and apparently was part of another Earth's Illuminati), right?

I hope he eventually shows the real Psylocke in the book (but not as a member of the Avengers; Betsy is fine in X-Men and X-Force).

Keland Walker said...

Guys. Your forgetting that Rachel is on this team as well. And she and Selene have a score to settle. So maybe it might be 3 vs 2 battle. But as it looks, Mary is about to be handled by Besty. Lol

pound my cakes! said...

Nobody knows how to give good justice to Psylocke' s true image but Anka