Thursday, March 13, 2014

X-Force #2 Art


FSaker said...

Overall, I like this art (although Betsy's mouth looks kinda weird in the second panel in the third page).

But, again, Spurrier really needs to tone down Fantomex's French accent. He never used it so often before (nor does Gambit, who usually uses the accent more often than Fantomex).

But I like the roster for this team. Meme looks interesting, and I'm glad that Doctor Nemesis is staying as a regular member of X-Force (and even more now that he returned to his classic uniform and threw away that horrible thing he was wearing during Hopeless's Cable & X-Force).

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Fantomex's speech pattern isn't the only one that's off. Cable's is too! I don't recall Nathan using so much vernacular and improper grammar before... if ever, actually. He was always gruff, but his grammar was never this rough around the edges.

FSaker said...

In other news, Psylocke is in one of the preview pages for All-New X-Men #25:

It's interesting to notice that, as far as I know, she NEVER appeared in All-New X-Men before (not even in Battle of the Atom, as none of the ANXM issues participating of the crossover showed her at all). And even though she will appear in this issue, it seems to be an alternate reality where the X-Men are celebrities and Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and even Wasp (who isn't even a mutant) are part of the team.

I wonder if Bendis has anything against Betsy. On the one hand, it's good that we don't get to see her speaking like if she was on a sitcom; on the other hand, ANXM is still the current flagship X-Men book, so her continued absence in it makes a lot of readers being unaware of her whereabouts (and makes a lot of new readers being unaware that she exists at all).

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

All-New is the flagship??

FSaker said...

Well, Marvel surely treats it as the flagship. The last X-event was centered on the cast of All-New. Bendis was allowed to take Kitty and the O5 out of the Jean Grey School, even though it meant both Aaron's and Wood's books wouldn't be able to keep using her. And it is the best-selling X-Men book nowadays, and often gets good reviews by the critics (even when it doesn't deserve it).

I'm not saying it is the best X-book, far from it; despite the current criticisms that Adjectiveless has been facing (some of them somewhat deserved), I think it is much more interesting.


Speaking of All-New, CBR's Axel-in-Charge column shows two other pages of ANXM #25, and in one of them, it seems Archangel killed Captain America and most of the X-Men... including Psylocke:


For better news, Remender's next big arc in Uncanny Avengers will confirmedly feature Psylocke "when the action picks up":

He specifically mentions her, and says that the story will show "a couple versions of her" (probably referring to Magistrate Braddock as the other version), so I guess this time she won't be there just as a cameo, but as an actual participant of the story.

Now, I just hope the confrontation between Havok and Cyclops in it won't show Scott as a big bad guy. If Remender treats Scott as a despicable person, then I hope Bendis will make another confrontation in Uncanny X-Men doing the same to Alex.

Eric Ton said...

Yeah, Archangel has comes back with the vengeance. He looks like he pissed. And developed new wings which is no longer metal toxic feathers anymore.

FSaker said...

Yes. But this is probably an alternate reality. There are at least three pages revealed for this issue that seem to show alternate realities: this one, where Archangel kills everyone; one where apparently Colossus is still a host for the Phoenix Force (his clothes in the art are very similar to the ones he wore as part of the Phoenix Five) and carries both Magik's Soulsword and a HUGE gun (...Cable's?); and one where the X-Men seem to be celebrity heroes and Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Wasp are members of the team.

I wonder when (or if) Psylocke will appear in the real continuity of All-New.