Thursday, January 12, 2012

X-Position: Way Kills Deadpool in "Dead"

CBR: How long will the "Dead" arc last and can we expect to see guest stars? And if so, who?

Daniel Way: "Dead" is a five-issue story (#50-54), with an oversized first issue. Lots of guest stars in this one -- not sure who's been mentioned yet, but I can say that X-Force plays a key role.


Toffnut said...

Is that the Crimson Dawn mark on Betts?

Braxton Garris said...

Sure looks like it in the first panel, her hair covers her face in the second image. I hope the artist just got confused because of AOA nightcrawler and his mark on HIS face. I have seen some artists in the past throw it on there on accident while Psylocke was in her "Panel Background Modeling" days and never had much to do with the plot but was drawn in here and there.