Friday, January 6, 2012

Wolverine & The X-Men #4 Preview

Wolverine & The X-Men #4
Written by: Jason Aaron
Pencils by: Nick Bradshaw
Cover by: Nick Bradshaw

The Story:
• Two new students join the school. Who could it be?
• The future comes back to haunt the school!
• And who is PREGNANT?!

In Stores:
January 11th, 2012


FSaker said...

I still find it surprising that Beast and Kitty just accepted Logan to carry on with the X-Force...

Anyway, they probably were at least a bit angry, as it seems neither of them cared to say hi to Betsy...

JL81790 said...

Poor Bobby...he has no idea that his best friend is essentially dead, hopefully they actually go into depth with his reaction.

I kind of wonder why they just don't take Betsy, Bobby, Hank, Xavier, Scott, Wolverine, Paige and whoever else important to Warren and take all of their memories of old Warren and put them in new Warren's head. He wouldn't be completely the same but it would at least be better...

CmX said...

@FSaker, Kitty spoke to Psylocke in UXF #19.