Friday, January 6, 2012

Marvel Announces AVX tie-in mini series

"In a nutshell, as we've said in the past, in 'Avengers vs. X-Men,' we're only doing tie-ins in our core Avengers and X-Men titles," said Brevoort. "'AvX: Versus' is the least essential read of 'AvX,' but it will probably be the most bestselling. It is literally the fight book." Brevoort said the series would expand the battles seen in the main pages of "AvX" and would have heavy action.
Viscardi mentioned there are two creative teams on each issue with two stories in each book. "It is the ultimate book for the quintessential Marvel fan," said Brevoort. "There's going to be plenty of fighting in the main 'AvX' title, but given the casts are so large and given that there are so many potential conflicts -- if you go to any message board right now where people are talking about 'AvX' and they want to see every character who's ever appeared in the Avengers fight every character that's ever appeared in the X-Men, there's not going to be enough space to do justice to all those conflicts in the main book."

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FSaker said...

So, it's basically a "Street Fighter" type of book. Battles. I was expecting that the "sister AvX series" they announced since the beginning would be a "Frontline" miniseries linked to the main event, like Marvel did in Civil War, Secret Invasion, Siege and Fear Itself. But I guess a book with battles works better in this kind of event.

BTW, according to Newsarama, AvX Versus is a 6-issue miniseries (each with 2 fights, resulting in 12 battles shown in Versus), not a 12-issue one like CBR announced:

Anyway, do you guys think Psylocke has any chance of being in one of these 12 battles? We already know there will be:

- Magneto vs. Iron Man
- Namor vs. Thing
- Storm vs. Thor (poor Storm...)

And it's quite likely that we'll also see:

- Cyclops vs. Captain America
- Rogue vs. Ms. Marvel
- Hope vs. Scarlet Witch (kick her ass, Hope!!)

So that still leaves 6 X-Men that may fight in Versus. Any chance for Psylocke? And which Avenger do you guys think Marvel would make her fight against? I think Psylocke vs. Iron Fist (or maybe Shang-Chi) would grant an amazing martial arts battle!