Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #20 Spoilers

Spoilers: Betsy wakes up in Otherworld. Brian explains to her he had to bring her in her sleep, knowing otherwise she wouldn’t come. He says their psychic bond reconnected after Jean expanded Betsy’s psyche and he had seen memories of everything she did with X-Force, which he doesn’t approve. Brian says the reason Betsy was brought is the Battle for the Otherworld. He doesn’t know who’s behind it, but their goal is the access to the Tower of the Omniverse. A sane Jamie Braddock appears in front of them and tells Betsy that’s why they need her: to stop this invasion. Jamie then offers Psylocke a chance to return to her proper body and inheritance, in order to make it up for what he did to her in the past. Meanwhile, at the Danger Room, Wolverine and Deadpool briefs Nightcrawler on the likes of Sabretooth, Mystique and Lady Deathstrike. Ultimaton interrupts them and warns them Psylocke and Fantomex have been abducted. Brian tells Betsy that Fantomex will face no mercy for his crime. The Supreme Omniversal Tribune begins. Fantomex is found guilty and his punishment is eradication from existence. Fantomex’s sentence is to be carried out immediately. With the help of Gateway, Wolverine, Deadpool and Nightcrawler enter Otherworld in the middle of the war, meanwhile Betsy wearing her Lady Briton mantle (and apparently back to her former body) step in.


Francis said...
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Francis said...

Can't wait to read! But Betsy is back to her British body? Again? There's more than a body-swap in such a the way i'm looking forward to see how the situation is developping, the arc looks promising and after all he has accomplished i have deep trust in Remender.

Sorry for the off-topic but there's something which may draw attention from X-fans:

whitephoenix said...

Yeah the Brit-Body! Hope she doesn't get stuck back in the asian one after a few issues.t

Tazirai said...

We'll see what Happens I'm optimistically skeptical lol.

Rahsaan said...


I am too! Remender doesn't seem like the type to dick us around and switch her back outta her true body! Let's pray I'm right!

Rahsaan said...

And while I'm skeptically optimistic or optimistically skeptical... I'm hoping that she will stay in her remade body (this is how it should've been the first time Jamie brought her back... never made sense that'd he'd bring her back looking like Kwannon... unless they use his past insanity as the reason), but still have her fighting skills, her omega-level telepathy (complete with psychic knife and psycho-blasts) and her hot, new, full-legged uniform.

Diodati said...

Not to sound glib, but why do people even give a toss 'which body' she is in? It just makes me smile that we're even bothering to discuss it, especially on an aesthetic level, when artists like Greg Land make her look more white than thermal printer.

And if it's not about aesthetics, and it's about charaterisation - a good writer can take the character in whatever body, and do her well (if focusing on the core of the character and making the body change an additional element to that character). Remender and the current rosta of Marvel writers may actually be able to do achieve this.

But don't get me wrong, I understand why people enshrine the 'caucasian' body, when looking at writers who relegated 'asian' Psylocke to a sex symbol, stoic and obdurate (hello Nicieza, Lobdell) - I still feel the worst thing that ever happened to Psylocke was 'Kwannon', because it created an awful binary based on stereotypes. What could (and should!) have been about identity confusion, ended up instead as cheesecake ninjas.

If she's caucasian again, that's cool, but I hope it's part of the right story. And not because of some view that the only way Betsy can be written 'consistently' and faithfully to her early heritage and personality is by needing to make her white again. To me that would seem a bit of a cop-out.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


All valid points. And you are correct.

I think most fans were fine with the Acts of Vengeance storyline that first made the change. We were fine with it, because it was not convoluted and there was one body ... her body.. that was remade by medicine and magic thanks to Spiral and her Body Shoppe. Nicieza and Lobdell detroyed Claremont and Lee's work with their horrid Kwannon retcon (as you mentioned) and all the over-sexualized, racist Asian woman fetish bullcrap.

Also, i think some of us feel like all the other Siege Perilous X-Men came out completely reconciled after their own trials and tribulations with less baggage (for instance Rogue lost the Carol persona and the rest were complete themesleves once their memories were restored and better for their experiences). I think some of us feel like Psylocke is still being punished by not being able to be in her own body, but instead wear the face of another person for eternity. Granted, she telepathically coaxed her teammates into the Siege, but she did it to ensure they escaped with their lives.

Braxton Garris said...

Captain Britain, The Corps, JAMIE BACK, Betsy's british body back(maybe for good), Betsy returning to her Captain Britain uniform (even if only for a few issues), AOA Nightcrawler kicking butt and taking names plus drinking with the guys, Brian and Betsy with their sibling bickering, this issue was fantastic! I loved every minute of it and i can't wait for more.
I do have to say that i'm kind of on the fence on the art in this storyline though. Every now and then I will really like the way a panel or a page is drawn, but sometimes it can be a bit sloppy, I think. I also think that the coloring is a bit sloppy as well, and doesn't compliment the art all the time.
Overall I'm so happy this storyline is taking place and I can't wait to read more!!

One more thing, I was a little let down on the new look of Jamie Braddock. I mean..he has been wearing a White bikini brief, and sometimes white thong or even been naked for a few DECADES now. All the while rocking those big gold hoop earrings he loves so dearly (which he still wears), can't we get this guy a new cool costume? He isn't nuts anymore, so they say..I mean c'mon... same earrings, bushy 80's hair, and now just a big white robe/cloak thing? No Captain Britain Corp uniform... nothing? ... hahaha ...oh man..

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

I think British Betsy would look great in her new X-Force outfit with the pants. It'd be cool to see her in that if she stays in her proper body.

Couldn't agree more about Jamie needing a stylist!

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

cannot however get behind any support for the current art. To be magnanimous... it's the straight-up pits! I hope I don't have to seen Brian, Jamie, Meggan and British Betsy drawn this way all arc! Where in the bloody hell is Jerome Opeña when we need him most!?!?

I'd take Jon Bogdanove and/or Greg land over this stuff. And that's saying an awful lot!

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

But based on the point that everyone makes, British bets in her X-force uniform would probably look identical to this for the most part: