Friday, January 13, 2012

Generation Hope #15 Preview

Generation Hope #15
Written by: James Amus
Pencils: Tim Green
Cover: Jorge Molina

• Sebastian Shaw publicly returns to Utopia setting off old grudges and new divisions between the X-Men!
• Generation Hope clash with a gang of mutant villains living on the island!
• Romance blossoms between Marvel’s most unlikely couple!


soulkiller said...

What's up with all the hand stop signs in the background of your blog? Or is it just my computer?

FSaker said...

Not the best art ever, is it? Look at Betsy's body during her jump, it must be impossible to keep a body in these angles.

Still, it's cool that Asmus corrected Fraction's mistake about Cyclops being unaware that Shaw was still alive (when Fraction himself had previously written Emma mentally informing this to Scott).

Brian said... she doing yoga?

Vigmed said...

I'm glad Danger was there to be useful! Psylocke would have never known what an old foe like Shaw was capable of and in how to go about disabling him...

With just the 3 pages it feels like a bad parody, really. The art is not good and the backgrounds for all but a few panels are empty.

SoulTapestry said...

@Vigmed You're joking about Betsy not knowing how to handle Shaw, right? Clearly she's the one who instructed Danger to constrain him. Plus, Betsy is a member of the Hellfire Club through her parentage and would certainly be familiar with it's (once) Black King.

Vigmed said...

Heh, yeah. It was a joke and meant to be sarcastic.

There are so many other choices Marvel could have went with to have on the team, but they chose Danger? It's a wasted roster spot that many fans would prefer was filled by someone else.

But anyway, Psylocke does not need help at detaining someone like Sebastian Shaw.

Brian said...

I'd say she's one of the most well-equipped members of the team to handle him, actually.

QKC said...

Bad writing, bad art. I can't decide which is worse. It's great to see Betsy in stuff but, really, did she tell Danger to restrain him just so Danger could have something to do, besides own everyone at everything?
Not interested in buying anything that isn't UXF atm. This doesn't help a case against my decision.

Rahsaan said...

Word up, QKC! I know that's right.