Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marvel Releases More AvX Teasers

Notes: We're excited about AvX here at Like a Butterfly! Stay tuned for more news!


Gabriel R. said...

Huh Iceman is going to kick Spider-man's butt (even thou they are friends)

FSaker said...

I don't know... Iceman is much more powerful than Spider-Man, sure, but Spidey has a history defeating opponents that are much more powerful than him. Plus, Bobby is usually portrayed as quite stupid, so he may be tricked in the battle, somehow. I'm still cheering for Bobby, though.

Storm vs. Thor... such an unfair fight. Just because Ororo could beat the vast majority of the Avengers, Marvel puts her against one of the few against whom she has no chance of winning. Thor will most likely win the fight, so I just expect that Storm at least makes it a very hard fight for him.