Friday, January 6, 2012

Marvel chooses Psylocke as their 2nd favorite hero of 2011!


2011 in Review: As a member of X-Force, Betsy Braddock journeyed to the Age of Apocalypse and back seeking a way to save her lover, Warren Worthington, from permanently transforming into the evil Archangel. When these efforts failed, Psylocke found herself facing off against Warren on both the physical and psychic planes, fighting to save not only him but herself as well, and ultimately needing to sacrifice their love in order to save reality. With the X-Men, Betsy faced off against the survivors of Breakworld and a Serpent-powered Juggernaut before siding with Cyclops after Schism and joining Storm’s team on a mission in Eastern Europe to destroy a private army of Sentinels.

Why She Makes the List: Heroes in the Marvel Universe make sacrifices every day, but Betsy Braddock gave up the man she loved and perhaps any shot she ever had at finding happiness in order to save the world this year, and in our eyes it’s not an action that should be overlooked. It’s first worth noting that Psylocke went to every possible extreme to save Archangel from himself, diving into his treacherous mindscape as well as traversing dimensions to seek a cure, but when the chips came down and all other options fell off the table to the point where even her own life—which she would have gladly given—would not do the job, she killed the person she loved the most. That he returned to her without any memory of their love twisted the knife harder, but also reminded us of Psylocke’s tremendous and thankless heroism.
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Plus! Archangel makes #1 in Marvel's list of their favorite villains of 2011!

2011 in Review:
Warren Worthington III completed his transformation from Angel to Archangel to full-fledged heir to Apocalypse at the start of the year and things only got worse from there. He recruited Dark Beast, the Horsemen and Genocide to aid him in using technology purloined from both the Celestials and the World with the goal of reshaping Earth into a Darwinian landscape where only the strong would survive. At his worst, Archangel wiped out an entire town’s populace, staring an innocent child in the eyes as he pulled the “trigger.” It took X-Force, another dimension’s X-Men, much sleight of hand and tremendous sacrifice to stop this fallen hero’s twisted plans.

Why He Makes the List:
No evil stings so much as the one coming from a former friend. A founding member of the X-Men and one of the most beloved heroes across the Marvel Universe, Warren Worthington spent years battling and defeating his inner demons, but they overwhelmed him this year and brought much suffering to those who cared for him. That Archangel would coldly bring about wholesale death while offering a small boy empty reassurances hurt enough, but seeing the face of a once great man as he performed these actions twisted the knife. It also made Warren a fascinating portrait of warped morality and the power of love, as his friends and the woman who loved him persevered to save him even after all hope had clearly left the shell of this dark Angel.


Brian said...

This is definitely her best year to date, IMO.

Vigmed said...

I agree! And I think there is a possibility of her getting first for 2012. Looks like she'll be even busier this year.

JD said...

I'm so glad she is finally getting recognition, but I wish they'd have also pushed in her to be used well in other media, like UMvC3 at least. Oh well.

Diodati said...

That is very cool. Although UXF has been so acclaimed, I was wondering if the title was still perceived as more of a 'sideline' X-team. So for Marvel themselves to rank Psylocke higher than Cyclops, Wolverine, Thor, Daredevil etc. in heroics... that's really huge. Remender is the best thing to happen to Psylocke since, possibly ever.

Rahsaan said...

Remender is "The Key That Breaks The Locke." As far as Elizabeth Braddock is concerned, he's the truth. It's been a very long while since we've had a definitive portrayal of this character (the last glimpse may've been circa X-Men no 3 or so... in the early 90s... right before Claremont said "Deuces" to Marvel.

It's a brand new day as far as she's concerned, and I couldn't be more pleased as a 20+ year fan.

Brian said...

As another 20 year fan, I agree completely.

FSaker said...

Whoa, second favorite hero?? That's huge!! And it's even more impressive when we remember that Marvel doesn't have the habit of recognizing the potential of its female characters (while DC has Wonder Woman among its 3 main heroes, Marvel doesn't have any woman even among its 6 main heroes - besides, look at this list: Psylocke and Hope are the only women in it).

Well deserved position! I think she should be above Spider-Man, though.