Friday, August 19, 2011

Uncanny X-Force Teaser

No mystery who the other characters are, but AoA Nightcrawler has to be the most surprising! :)
Robbi Rodriguez joins as the title's new artist come December.


Francis said...

anybody knows why AoA Kurt's got the Crimson Dawn tattoo (just the same as Betsy's)?... perhaps that's only a scar?

CmX said...

He's always had that mark since the original Age of Apocalypse storyline and no it's not the crimson dawn.

Hope that helps :)

treysome said...

Yes Psylocke in staying in UXF. This means 616 Kurt ain't coming back for a long time esp if AOA Kurt becomes popular.

treysome said... looks like Cyclops survives Schism

FSaker said...

Cool that AoA-Nightcrawler will join the X-Force, and even better that Psylocke will stick with the team!

But I hope AoA-Kurt isn't used as a replacement to 616-Kurt. 616-Kurt is irreplaceable, and I hope it doesn't take long before he is brought back to life.

Rahsaan said...

You had me up until the last part. Ha! ;-)

As much as I love Kurt, I really feel that deaths have no gravity in comics, because they keep resurrecting people. Kurt's death was so poignant that it'd be really wishy-washy to bring him back. I'm fine with AOA-Kurt being around, I guess. However, that's only if he makes it a point of letting his teammates know that he's not "their Kurt."

I guess this rant of mine is a bit contradictory as I was ecstatic when Psylocke came back to life.

That being said though, I respected that she died for her team.

I think this is why I really don't read many comics now, because it seems that the industry lacks the balls to kill of characters and keep them dead. Especially, if their sacrifices were for the greater good, like Nightcrawler's.

And I REALLY want Cable to stay dead! I'm fine with a down-powered Nate Grey being around instead.

Vigmed said...

Just want to say that I fully agree with you, Rahsaan. And because there is no real progression to comic books where older generations are replaced by the younger, Marvel is severely limited in who they can use and are somewhat forced to bring people back from the dead. And they can't just keep adding new people or else they'd end up like DC with a lot of Heroes that no one cares about.

However, I do believe we will see at least some recent deaths of heroes actually staying dead.

These silhouette cover pics have me thinking one thing: "Where are the original X-Men?" Granted we can't see all of them, but we can guess well enough and I don't make out any of the originals. At first I had thought Angel, being the most easily recognizable even if blackened in, would purposely be left out as to not spoil the outcome of the ongoing story in Uncanny X-Force (You know, whether they save him or kill him.) Then I started thinking about the others and well...?

And will anyone else come back from the AoA? The spikey silhouette could be AoA Ice-Man.

Glad Bets is sticking around with UXF and more importantly, Remender! Could she be a new leader, too? Maybe!

Man, these books need to come out sooner.

nickdmc said...

I LOVE this team. I really want to see Betsy's pose. && here are November solicitations. The UXF one makes me really nervous. Has Betsy turned into a Horseman?!

She appears on two covers for UXF and Generation Hope: and

jarim77 said...


Betsy wouldn't be a mere horseman. She'd be Archangel's queen.

Reflexões, Sabedoria & Outras Coisas da Vida said...

I've checked the pic many times and if I am not wrong, we can see that Psylocke is holding TK katanas.

Braxton Garris said...

for some reason I have a feeling that most of the AOA amazing X-Men are going to be coming back with X-force when they finally get back home. We see AOA Nightcrawler in this teaser, there is another cover preview that has AOA iceman (ive also heard talk of him sticking around), and I think they are going to bring AOA Jean with them too. That would answer all the "Jean is returning" gossip.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a few AOA characters here and there. however, I just want Jean to stay dead. I never really liked her for some reason, she got sooo much attention. I'm still hoping for a AOA Psylocke and Regular Psylocke run in/battle... hey, I can dream, right?