Tuesday, August 23, 2011

X-Factor ReGenesis Teaser

Havok (and more than likely Polaris) joins X-Factor. 
(We were hoping they'd join with the X-Men!) 


Rahsaan said...

So was I! Damn it! I wanted Havok to be on Wolvie's team! Didn't really care what happened to Polaris though.

FSaker said...

Good! They should have never left X-Factor. I know that Havok and Polaris debuted as X-Men, but they really blossomed at X-Factor; when both returned to X-Men, they were even a mess (comatose Havok, insane Polaris), a joke (Havok epically failing as a team leader) or just wallpaper material.

Go back to X-Factor, where Peter David will give you both some good characterization back!

Rahsaan said...

Fsaker, I agree about Dane being a lunatic, but I liked Alex a lot as part of the Mutant Massacre/Outback roster. Granted, he was not team leader. I still liked him though. And I think I preferred Lorna when possessed by Malice.

FSaker said...

Yes Rahsaan, Alex was great in the 80s, but since then he hasn't had a good portrayal in the X-Men. Well, except in Brubaker's arc, but even then, he ended up being left with the Starjammers.

Same with Lorna: since she returned to the X-Men, she was ruined. Brubaker kinda rehabilitated her, but again, she was also left with the Starjammers.

In X-Factor the two of them were important characters, had a natural chemistry together, and their characterizations were great. Peter David will surely be better for them than any other writer could be; I mean, the guy turned DARWIN and SHATTERSTAR into interesting characters.

Frankly, the only reason I don't ask PAD to take Psylocke as well is because Remender is already doing a great job with her (but prior to the Uncanny X-Force, when Fraction was still in charge of the X-verse, I'd beg Peter David to take Betsy to X-Factor...).

whitephoenix said...

Can't wait to see Polaris again. I wish they were both with Psylocke though for some reason.

Chris said...

So that leaves me with Psylocke in X-force, Polaris in X-Factor, Emma in Uncanny, Storm in X-Men/Astonishing, Rogue in Legacy and Kitty and Rachel in Wolverine and the X-Men. BUT. Where is Dazzler? Things aren't looking good for her.

Nic said...

What about the current X-Factor team? Does no one like that line-up?

Rahsaan said...

Nic, I love M, Longshot and Rictor. I wish Ric still had his powers! And FSaker's right about the writing. The Ric/Star pairing makes the latter actually interesting!

Chris, much to my disappointment... I fear Ms. Blaire is about to be backburned once again... along with Northstar. Sad as both have so much potential!

HeatherEK said...

Rahsaan, read the latest issue of Children's Crusade for some interesting developments with Rictor.

CmX said...

Dazzler will continue to stay in Uncanny X-Men, guys.

The Great Black North said...


No Offense but I hate what they did with Rictor and Shatterstar!

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against gay characters and I gladly encourage comics to add gay or lesbian characters (I love Daken who is bisexual) to the forefront of comics but in the case of Ric and star I'm not for it.

When I was growing up neither of these characters were gay and were just friends but Marvel was to lazy to create new characters and they needed more gay characters so they forcibly made them gay instead of making new characters.

But that is just my opinion

Lebeau2501 said...

I've got some trepidation about this new team. I like X-Factor the way it has been molded by Peter David and I am nervous about what will happen now. If he is still writing and is given complete freedom and doesn't have to deal with the other x-books continuity, it will remain good.

I personally think that Ric and Star, albeit slightly awkward, has been set up in a very realistic and sympathetic way.

Also, I would hate to see Madrox and Layla pushed aside. Guido and M need to be in the forefront as well.

If PAD is trying to wrap up all of his plot threads in prep for this new status quo, no wonder X-Factor's seemed rushed lately.
I hope David's run isn't just thrown out.

Rahsaan said...
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FSaker said...

I agree with Lebeau2501, PAD conducted Rictor and Shatterstar's relationship in a very sympathetic way. Not to mention, he doesn't focus only in them being gay; both of them actually got interesting personalities that do not depend on their sexual orientations.

Plus, actually they're not gay, they're bisexual. Shatterstar has recently kissed and flirted with Boom-Boom, and Rictor still has unresolved feelings for Wolfsbane. It seems to me that they like both boys and girls; they just happened to fall in love with each other nowadays.

As for the X-Factor member who will die before Regenesis, I hope it's Pip. Nothing against him, but I love the way PAD developed all the other team members, so I'd hate to see any of them dying (yes, even Longshot, Darwin and Shatterstar).

Rahsaan said...

GBN, I see your point... but it was always kinda hinted at in a playful, in-joke way that Ric and Star had a bromance going on since the original X-Force run. And while Ric was seen as hetero during his earlier days, Star was asexual at best from what I recall.

Also, wasn't Ric seen making innuendos to or about Quicksilver while he was on Genosha? Ric was definitely exploring his sexuality at some point and not totally hetero.

Heather, thanks for that awesome news! I hope that Mirage and Jubes are healed by Wanda. It's the least that disturbed woman can do!

Vigmed said...

I'm thrilled that Havok and Polaris are FINALLY coming back (Two of my favorites!) And Rachel, too. It's been way too long since we've seen them last, and since they've been back on Earth, even. Really wish they were around for the last few big X-Events instead of being left out in space. But at least Havok was able to give his brother a beatdown and almost killing the dude.

But yeah, makes you wonder just where everyone will end up.

Braxton Garris said...

I love the Rictor/Star relationship! I kinda wish Rictor would start dating Northstar though. I think they would make a good couple. Shatterstar would fall in love with anything with a heartbeat and I think Rictor may be too sensitive to deal with that. Northstar is very cocky like Shaterstar but he has a more sensitive side and I think he unserstands love better than Shatterstar.

Being a Gay male myself, I wish they would have come out sooner. If they had, it may have made me feel more comfortable when I was younger and very afraid to be gay. I think The X-men need more gay characters, the comparison between dealing with being a mutant in a society that hates and fears them always reminded me of dealing with being gay.

I'm so excited to find out what happens with X-Factor, The adventures they've had over the past year or so have been great, I love reading that title.

Rahsaan said...

Northstar and Ric would be fun. They're both sardonic and funny. Too bad Booby Drake doesn't play for Northstar's team. Recall that Northstar was so hot for him. Those two would've been a laugh riot with their banter.

The Great Black North said...


I never got a chance to read those comics when Northstar was a teacher at the X-Mansion but I read about him being hot for Ice Man! What I'd like to know is how did Bobby react to his advances?

Rahsaan said...

GBN, if I recall Mr. Drake was too into Lorna to care all that much.

You know who I'd like Drake to get with? CeCe Reyes! They had awesome chemistry during Zero Tolerance. And she is sassy enough to keep him in line when he cuts up!

Rahsaan said...

Actually, I was wrong about Polaris. I do know that she and Bobby did start dating again at some point during this roster... while Alex was with Annie. Anyway, here's how the Northstar/Iceman-unrequited attraction turned out: