Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #14 Spoilers

Spoilers: A day ago, Archangel and Dark Beast travel to the North Pole, where an Akkaba base is located. Archangel assures his minions he is not like Apocalypse, and don’t wish to be worshipped by them. There, he meets Autumn Rolfson, who introduces him to her son: Genocide (Holocaust). Now, at Cavern X, Archangel demands the Life Seed. Fantomex tries to use his misdirection, but it’s useless. Wolverine tries to attack Archangel, and is promptly incinerated by Genocide. Famine then uses his powers on Deadpool. Fantomex distracts Archangel by stabbing his foot. Archangel orders his minions to kill X-Force, but to spare Psylocke because she is important. Psylocke realizes it’s up to her to kill Warren. She makes her way through War and Dark Beast, but when she has the chance to kill Archangel, she purposefully misses the mark, inches from his heart. Archangel then retrieves the Life Seed from Fantomex. Deadpool uses smoke to distract them; giving X-Force time to run away using E.V.A. Deathlok tells them Archangel has taken over The World and plans to kill hundreds of innocents this day. Fantomex tells them they’re leaving, but Psylocke decides to stay. Archangel takes Psylocke to the North Pole base. She tries to reason with him, but it’s useless. Psylocke is taken to her quarters, while Archangel and Genocide destroys a town full of innocents.


CmX said...

This was probably one of my favorite issues of the series so far! It was awesome!

Alexander said...

Betsy's gotten good at throwing that sword. Wonder if she's finally starting to ease up on the whole extremely close potential death match moments. I loved the fight, that's how I pictured her in combat with enemies bigger & stronger then herself. Grievously disable as quickly as possible & keep moving.

captainfur said...

Amazing issue, I've read it like five times in a row. I haven't been this excited for a series since Grant Morison's X-Men.

Remender is doing a lot of work on Betsy characterization. If after this series someone keeps refering to her a second string character... "someone" must be nuts. As of now, it's safe to assume that she's the most round female character in all the X-Verse, not Rogue, who's doing nothing but running from plot point A to plot point B, not Emma, who's become a one-punchline character, not Storm, who's dissolved in her marriage to Black Panther, not anybody else.

Vigmed said...

Wow. Just, wow. An amazing issue, indeed. The writing and art has not come together like this (for me) in such a long time. In fact, I don't recall ever feeling so impressed, so moved. Even having read the spoilers before reading this issue, I was still completely amazed by it.

Things do not look great for our favorite X-team. Although I'm really liking what is happening with Warren, I hope Betsy can find a way to save him, and this very issue proves (again, for me) that she truly loves him. She was graceful in movement and execution of her desires - perfect.

I need to read this again. It is that good!