Monday, August 22, 2011

X-Men Regenesis: What We Know About the Post-Schism

Newsarama: In an effort to make sense of all the new knowledge dropping that's gone on, Newsarama organized what we know so far (and a little of what we don't) about X-Men: Regenesis into 10 easy points.

10. Yes, Cyclops is Still Leading 'Uncanny'
He's in the cover to Uncanny X-Men #1, as the only person on a cover full of shadows. This sure seems to be confirmation that Cyclops is alive and well after his battle with Wolverine, and thus the de facto leader of the "Blue" team.

9. Colossus of Cyttorak is Here to Stay
He's still making the helmet work on the cover of Generation Hope #13, and certainly appears to be looming in shadow right by Emma Frost in the Uncanny X-Men teaser, which seemingly establishes that he's falling on Scott's side of the X-Men divide.

8. Magneto: Definitely Not a Hero
It looks like he's sticking with the X-Men for the immediate future. Maybe both sides, even. He's floating in shadow on the Uncanny X-Men teser, and also on the cover of X-Men: Legacy #259, standing strong with Rogue and Gambit.

7. Storm Goes Blue, Gambit Goes Gold
Storm appears on not one but two of the "blue team" covers: Generation Hope #13 and X-Men #20. Likewise, Gambit is confirmed right where everyone expects him, at the side of his southern belle Rogue on the cover of X-Men: Legacy #259.

6. New Hellfire Club Continues to Reign
The Hellfire Club is going to keep on causing trouble. Schism writer Jason Aaron is using the group as antagonists in the October-debuting Wolverine & The X-Men, as revealed in the solicitations for issues #1 and #2.

5. Psylocke Switching Sides?
Betsy Braddock has been part of Wolverine's super-secret hit squad since Uncanny X-Force launched last fall, but she hasn't always been totally comfortable with it. Along with Deadpool, she expressed the most reservations for the outcome of the book's first story arc, "Apocalypse Solution." Things haven't gotten any easier for her in the current "Dark Angel Saga," as she's watched her long-time lover Archangel transform into a killer.

That can take a toll on anyone, and she might be done with Wolverine's way of conducting business if that Generation Hope #13 cover is to believed, as she's depicted in combat alongside Magneto, Colossus and Storm, all relatively sure bets for the Cyclops-led blue team.

But wait, that blacked-out character on that Uncanny X-Force teaser sure looks like Psylocke, doesn't it? There appears to be an outline of a waist sash and sword, even. Maybe, but maybe not: Could that be long-time Wolverine ally Kitty Pryde, a former ninja assassin herself? (Read the 1985 Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries if you don't believe us.) That would put her on opposite sides of her boyfriend Colossus, yes, but she sure didn't seem too happy with his decision to take on the Cyttorak powers in Uncanny #542.

Sidenote: The woman on the Uncanny X-Force teaser has two telekinetic katanas and a waist sash. Yeah, that's obviously not Kitty. Remember, X-Force has nothing to do with the reason for the Schism, and Remender already confirmed Psylocke in X-Force's Year 2. Our guess is Psylocke sides with Cyclops and stays in Utopia, but still works with X-Force. What about you?

7. ...And So is Jubilee
Jubilee seems to be jumping ship from Wolverine's side to stick with Cyclops after all these years, judging by the teaser images we've seen. Maybe Jubilee is playing double agent, and trying to win her way back into Wolverine's affections?

3. Cyclops Goes Big
With Emma, Magneto, Colossus, Sebastian Shaw and Storm on his side, Cyclops seems to have gathered an army that's ready to fight a war against humanity if necessary... and maybe that's the point.

2. (Many) Mysteries Remain
X-Factor still has many big question marks: Who dies before Regenesis? Who is on the team? If they're siding with Wolverine, what does that mean about their role in the Marvel Universe? We have hints at some characters, but who else is on active X-Teams now?

1. Nightcrawler is Back (Sort of)
When X-Force returns from the Age of Apocalypse, it seems they'll have a stowaway in the form of that world's Nightcrawler. It's a pretty perfect work-around to the death; his sacrifice was still made, and meaningful, but now we get new Nightcrawler stories.


CmX said...

The Newsarama bloggers are fucking retarded lol But I still read them ~_~

JJ.Froud said...

Seriously? Kitty? This is why I don't visit Newsarama

FSaker said...

Technically, it could be Kitty (although the hair in the female silhouette in the teaser doesn't look like Kitty's). But Remender said that Psylocke will get an arc to reflect upon her story and decide if she will remain with X-Force, so we know that Betsy won't be leaving the team in December (which is the month when the X-Force will get this variant cover).

So, the female silhouette is still most likely Psylocke.

Although Kitty could benefit from being in this book (she's so boring nowadays that tainting a bit of her soul could make her a little more interesting). But ONLY if her entrance in the team is NOT to replace Psylocke, but as a second female member (or third, considering E.V.A. is also on the team).

Brian said...

Kitty seems to me like a perfect addition to X-Force (not that the team needs any more members, but if they DID add someone...).

jarim77 said...

It's not Kitty. It's clearly Betsy. The twin katanas, shash, hairstyle and posture all fit perfectly. If that's Kitty then the two guys next to her are The Punisher and Gambit....

And of course everyone who follows Rick Remender knows that Psylocke and Fantomex have been confirmed to appear post-Dark Angel Saga stories.