Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marvel Teases

Generation Hope #13, on sale in November, marks the beginning of a new creative team - James Asmus & Ibraim Roberson, as well as the addition of Sebastian Shaw to the cast. Meanwhile, X-Men Legacy #259, also on sale in November, is set to be Mike Carey's final "Legacy" arc.


FSaker said...

Gosh, Rogue looks fugly in this cover... WTH happened to her face?? Anyway, Gambit is pretty obvious in this teaser as well; no idea about the identities of the other silhouettes. Regarding the book, it's sad that Carey is leaving; I hope Marvel finds a writer as good as him to replace him.

As for Generation Hope's teaser... Shaw? Really?? Oh well, it's not like he'd be any worse of a teacher than Ms. Emma "I buried over 90% of my students" Frost (I love Emma, but let's face it, her students have a really high death rate). Still, I hope Hope keeps calling the shots instead of Shaw. As for the book itself, Asmus is neither really good nor really bad, so the stories could go either way; however, Ibraim Roberson on art makes this book a definite MUST-BUY!!

And let's wait to see if Psylocke will be in Uncanny X-Force's teaser...

The Great Black North said...


100% agree! Rogue looks like she just tasted a super sour lemon!

How is Emma going to explain Shaw being alive to Namor since she lied and told him that she killed (beheaded) Shaw?

PS. We all know he's going to regain his memory somehow (Emma mind wiped him)and reek pure havoc on the x-men LOL

treysome said...

Emma will probably mess with Namor's head, that's what she does manipulate people for her own benefit. Calling it now cyclops doesn't die but goes into a comaor healing and Emma communicate with him through TP and give his orders to the X-Men that way.

jarim77 said...

The Great Black North said...
We all know he's going to regain his memory somehow (Emma mind wiped him)and reek pure havoc on the x-men LOL

Yes, thats a given unfortunently.
I just hope they won't sacrifice any characters for cheap shocks when that happens.

Braxton Garris said...

Shaw... really? The idea sounds interesting I'll admit, but they have sooo many other awesome X-Men on Utopia right now that would fit that role sooo much better. Dazzler, Havok (soon), Polaris (soon), Jubliee, Northstar, hell even Psylocke. I think they should just let Hope lead and maybe add X-Man into the dynamic. I thought it was cool seeing Hope teach X-Man the combat techniques that Cable had taught to her in the future a few issues ago.

The Great Black North said...


I hope they don't either! I'm so tired of the x-men killing off characters!

I was so sad when they killed Ariel in Second Coming! She had so much potential as a character in my opinion

whitephoenix said...

Can't that Frostitute do anything right lol?!?