Thursday, March 4, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming // Part 4

Source: IGN

O7. Magik

The Road to Second Coming: Perhaps more than any X-Man, Illyana has little reason to care about Hope's fate or to believe her return means better days for mutantkind. Illyana has seen the worst the universe has to offer and hasn't necessarily been changed for the better because of it. But if Cyclops begins to lose support, Illyana will likely be among the first to stray from the path.

Zeb Wells: "She'll go wherever Cyclops or Cannonball tell her to because she'll need their help in the future. The politics of the X-Men or the idea of Hope as a mutant messiah interest her very little."

X-Men: Second Coming Preview


Anonymous said...

Im not 100% convinced its really safe to put Magik anywhere near Hope, suprised Cyclops would even consider it.

Love Magik, freakin awesome character hope she stays with the x-men for a long time and to see a little interaction with Betsy.

FSaker said...

Psylocke looks good in the art!

But why does Magik get a page of her own, when none of the other X-Men did?

Anonymous said...

Probably because she'll star in a mini of her own during SC. haha