Wednesday, March 3, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming // Part 1 and 2

Source: IGN
O1. Cyclops

The Road to Second Coming: The eyes of the world are now on Cyclops, and he's feeling every ounce of the pressure. He continues to struggle to legitimize his new sovereign nation while fending off even newer and deadlier threats. Though the darkness continues to grow around the X-Men, Cyclops remains firm in his belief that all will be well.

Matt Fraction: "Now we get to see if his faith was misguided and misdirected or if he was right on target. He has an awful lot to lose if he's wrong. And his life gets a lot more complicated if he's right. Nothing is ever easy, especially for Scott Summers."

O2. Emma Frost

The Road to Second Coming: When Osborn began his war against the X-Men, Emma was forced to take his side and lead a new team of Dark X-Men. Though she quickly betrayed Osborn, this act has only solidified Emma's untrustworthy nature in the minds of many X-Men, but those who know her best will never question Emma's loyalty.

Zeb Wells: "Emma's job is to keep an eye out for things Scott's one track mind may be missing. She's one of the few people he'll let in when he's focusing with laser precision. And if he doesn't, she can let herself in."

O3. Kitty Pryde

The Road to Second Coming: How will she react to the many changes that have happened? Can she re-acclimate to life on Earth after such a long period of isolation? How will she react to the idea of Hope being a mutant savior? With the battle lines being drawn, Kitty may have the hardest time understanding what it is she fights for.

Matt Fraction: "It's like somebody who goes to prison for ten years and comes out and discovers the Internet and satellite TV. She couldn't have picked a more eventful slice of time to be gone for."

O4. Colossus

The Road to Second Coming: Slowly but surely Colossus has begun to accept the course his life has taken. But just as Colossus is beginning to move on, Magneto has rescued Kitty from her deep space isolation. With the fate of the human race growing darker by the minute, Colossus may once again find himself too distracted to fight at his full potential.

Matt Fraction: "It doesn't change the fact that everyone is trying to kill him and his friends. His focus is definitely split. When you've got a big gun like him that's not what you need."

X-Men: Second Coming Preview


FSaker said...

Nice job summarizing the articles! It's amazing how the writers and editors keep repeating themselves in every interview about Second Coming, but you guys chose the most relevant pieces of the article.

Is there any chance that Psylocke will appear in one of these articles? I'm pretty sure Wolverine will get one, as well as Cable, Magneto, Bishop, Hope Summers II, Rogue, Magik, Bastion, Jean Grey, the X-Club and the Phoenix Force...

Not every x-man will get a spotlight in IGN's articles, but since Mike Carey said Betsy would get some big moments, it would be nice to see her get some attention... plus, if they can give an article to Kitty Pryde, who the writers themselves said will do nothing relevant in Second Coming, Psylocke definitely deserves one for herself.

Delf said...

She does have one -

treysome said...

I always end up shakig my head everytime Fraction speaks. They put up Psylocke early. Hope, Cable and the Phoenix Force will likely be last. Yup all the interviews so far have been the same thing over and over again.

Anonymous said...

i hate this picture, why not some recent shot??

Anonymous said...

I agree, they could have used a more recent pic but atleast she got spotlighted