Tuesday, March 9, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming // Part 6

Source: IGN
O9. Namor

The Road to Second Coming: The proud and haughty monarch is less than willing to take orders from Cyclops. He has already shown a habit of making secret bargains with Magneto, perhaps the only man on Utopia less trusted than Namor. But whatever front he puts up, Namor knows deep down that he and his people need the X-Men's help.

Nick Lowe: "He's got to deal with the fact that he's a mutant and, frankly, facing a threat of extinction unlike any he's ever seen. This isn't good. Namor doesn't really care much about Hope, to be honest. Sure he hopes she can help these people, but it's not really his problem to solve, if that makes sense."

X-Men: Second Coming Preview


Anonymous said...

I really am enjoying Namor becoming involved with the X-Men. I know it seemed strange to pair them at first but I'm past that. Very cool. I think there should be some sexual tension between Namor and Psylocke. They're both hot stuff. Psylocke seems very individual, like she's nobody's girl but her own, and I think she works best as an "untouchable". But that only creates a better quality dynamic between her and other characters. Pair her with another "untouchable" like Namor and voila: instant awkward delicious tension. Either that or pair her with a boyscout nextdoor type like occurred back in the 90s with Scott. That type of guy should be mesmerized by her charm and dream of being tied up in her Psychains or teased by her Psywhip, the focused totality of her sexual powers. >:D

Come to think of it, she should Psywhip "Verre". That one is so weak, she should never have stood a chance against Psylocke. BOO TO VERRE. Silly and uninspired character.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous commentor above


I agree with you. I'm all for sexual tension. I loved how she was the forbidden fruit for Scott, which pissed off jean. Psylocke needs to flirt more.