Wednesday, March 17, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming // Part 11 and 12

Source: IGN
14. Cypher

The Road to Second Coming: Unfortunately for Ramsey, he'll scarcely have a moment's peace before another, even larger conflict begins. Bastion has his own plans for the techno-organic virus, and Ramsey knows better than anyone what havoc the techno-organic virus can wreak. But if Bastion presents a clear threat to Ramsey, does Hope offer him a cause worth fighting for?

Zeb Wells: "He sees the journey between life and death as a language in and of itself. Where he could translate changes in meaning between letters and numbers before, he can now translate the symbols of life itself. He'll go where he's needed and help when he can"

15. Rogue

The Road to Second Coming: Since moving to Utopia, Rogue has accepted a new mission from Cyclops. She understands better than any mutant the dangers that come from improperly controlled powers. Rogue's task is to educate the younger residents of Utopia and help them safeguard what could be the final generation of mutants on Earth.

Mike Carey: "She's going to be pulled in two directions at some point, with duty and instinct calling on her to do two very different things. She'll have to decide which of those things she's best able to live with, but it's going to be a hard choice and one that puts her in a situation from which there's no going back."

Uncanny X-Men #523 Preview


Anonymous said...

It´s getting celarer that Rogue is the one dying in this...
Who else would like a Doug Betsy moment?

FSaker said...

I would! And now he's supposedly legal for her, isn't he?

Heh, but I'm not talking really about a romantic relationship, just the two of them catching up with each other... Just imagine the scene:

Betsy: "I am so pleased to see you back, Douglas! And I must say, you look lovely grown up..."

Doug: "Uh, thank you Ms. Braddock. You look... different. I mean, I don't remember that you were Asian when we first met..."

FSaker said...

By the way, does anyone know if Psylocke appeared in this week's issue of X-Men Legacy? I hope so!

luckystar. said...

Yes, she did. But just a panel, with no lines. haha

FSaker said...

Pity... but one panel is better than nothing (as long as she was clearly visible, not just her arm, her leg or - more likely - her ass appearing randomly in the panel).

Will you show it to us here, later?

Anonymous said...

Cypher is hot. I think she would make some good sexual tension with him. They both exude a dark intellectual vibe that suggests an inner centredness that I find very sexy. Get his scruffy blondness mixed up with her ultra sleek tightness. Separate them from the group somehow. . . get them to "work as a team." :) C'mon, B needs suitors. She doesn't have to respond to them. Here are more suggestions for possible dates with B:

-That guy that's all in white
-Emma Frost
-Dazzler and Emma Frost
-A major bad guy. Not an ugly or deformed one, a hot one. And not a loser, a cool one.

The Ice King said...

Rogue won't be the one dying. She's the central character for Legacy now, which also has a preview listed for an issue about her after the supposed "death". She's safe.

Anonymous said...

yeah sadly i cant see Rogue going anywhere :P. I dont see why out of all the people we could have had brought back through ~Necrosha it had to be Doug Ramsey, even with his long ago Betsy connection he is Dull! the silly robot is more interesting than him.

I would have liked Destiny to have stayed.

Sad Puppets! said...

our friends at rebelrogue posted the one panel with Bets at the following url:

it's a really wonderfully rendered character shot -- no dialogue, just one image of her which says bunches. she's playful, she's smart, she's arch and witty, and damn gorgeous.

FSaker said...

LOL, I LOVE Pixie's face when Rogue unconsciously makes everyone see her having sex with Gambit! She looks so surprised, like she's thinking: "Oh my God, Ms. Rogue isn't so innocent as I thought!"

Betsy's face looks more awkward, like she's feeling sorry for her friend's incident. And I agree with Sad Puppets!, she does look gorgeous!