Wednesday, March 10, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming // Part 7

Source: IGN
1O. X-Factor

The Road to Second Coming: Though repairing their ties with the X-Men, X-Factor nonetheless decided to return to the streets of new York. But before they left, Layla Miller imparted some of her knowledge of the future to Cyclops. Layla is utterly convinced Cyclops will fail in his aim to save his people. For the steadfast mutant leader, this has been one of the hardest blows to his faith in Hope. Luckily, when the chips are down Cyclops may find that not all members of X-Factor are so unwilling to fight.

Peter David: "Even though Madrox and X-Factor aren't involving themselves in what the X-Men have to deal with, nevertheless they have people who are out to get them simply because they're mutants. This development allows us to acknowledge what's going on in Second Coming without it seeming wedged into the book."

X-Men: Second Coming Preview


Anonymous said...

So who do you guys think is going to die ?
My bet is on Magik being injured, Cable sacrifing in the end, and Rogue or Nightcrawler dying! Our gal is safe, that´s for sure!

J77 said...

We already know from the previews that Magik will be injured and that she'll be in Limbo.

Stuart said...

Does anyone think its werid that she has her finger on Jean Grey in the picture. Like a daughter or son would to the parent they never new