Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #2 Art


FSaker said...

Nice story, it seems. A little bit confusing, but still nice.

I like that we finally found out why Betsy's telepathy manifests itself as a psychic butterfly. And that when she lost her telepathy but gained telekinesis, the butterfly still existed, only it was living inside the TK-katana!

Great explanation, Professor Carey! If you ever read this blog, please write stories with Betsy more often!

PsySpears said...

LOVE it and the art is GORGEOUS

Anonymous said...

wow! that image of her with the butterfly and the katana is powerful. i love that it is the same but two angles!!!! love love love psylocke is here to stay

Anonymous said...

I prefer her characterization here than in Uncanny. I love her posture.

There should always be something regal about the way she carries herself.

Anonymous said...

how long is the story? 4 pages?

Doom said...

8 pages.

Anonymous said...

it confused me!
so what's her power currently?

a) telepathy only
B) telekinesis only
c) or both

why her power is different from the uncanny version?

@lejo said...

The story took part during the M-Day saga there Betsy had only TK but explained how her powers worked thats when we saw the flashbacks for back when she recently returned from the dead and was in a mission with the x-men in the savage land, with only TK powers,remember she died when she had TK powers only.
It gets confusing because shes wearing the same outfit but if you read both stories originally it´s easier to understand the panels.
Back in the HoM she had TK only but now she has both TK and Telephatic powers.

FSaker said...

@ 9:05 Anonymous - Currently she has both telepathy and telekinesis, although neither is in the same power level she used to have when she had only one of these powers.

Her power during this story, which fits chronologically during Claremont's last Uncanny run, was just telekinesis (but a f***ing strong telekinesis, Jean Grey-like), that's why it's different from the power in the current Uncanny run, by Fraction, who reduced her telekinesis but returned her telepathy.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!! wish she had pupils thought!
Dyinng to know if she´s gonns be in the X-Men line-up after Uncanny and if yes, what costume will she wear!!!
Also DYING to know if she´ll be featured more in the Wolverine and The X-Men cartoon!!!!
DYING EVEN MORE to know if she´s gonna be featured in the Wolverine 2 movie!!!!!
What do you guys think?

Selene said...

Even her mini-series cannot be compared to Betsy's short story in Breaking into comics-The Marvel way.This is absolutely my favourite story about Psylocke since Psy-War.

Anonymous said...

if the writers are smart they would include psylocke in the 2nd wolverine movie.

but they are too 'cash cow' to integrate a fluid storyline and character. i say leave better off alone.
if they can't do her right, don't put her in at all....

did you see 'x3'????

K~ said...

Oh lord, anonymous, Yes x3 was awful.
But anyway this story is WONDERFUL!!!! This was my favorite of her powerset, & it's a shame it only was in existence for so long.
With Jean's Omega-level TK eveni would have still enjoyed it even if she didn't have the random immunity to psychic powers. (That kind of made her overpowered, & I think no one wants to write/feature an omnipotent character... Jean Grey being dead = a good thing, anyone?)

Anyway. I love this powerset & hope she uses her TK more in the current issues :)