Saturday, January 9, 2010

X-Position: Top X-Moments of 2009

CBR: Right before the end of 2009, CBR asked you - their faithful X-POSITION readers - to send them your favorite moments of the year gone by from the various X-books. Here they are!

1. Psylocke's Return and Revenge

It was close, but between Psylocke's return and her ensuing revenge against Mastu'o, the lady with the thong-kini appeared on more folks' lists than any other event in 2009. For those who missed the fun, our favorite psi-ninja came back on the scene in "Uncanny X-Men" #508-511 and is now pursuing revenge and other opportunities in the current "Psylocke" miniseries.

Psylocke finally returned to the X-Men after being dead. And I'm so happy Chris Yost writes such an awesome "Psylocke." It was about time she had her revenge against Matsu'o.

Who cares about Jean Grey? The one true telepath with the power (and huevos) to stand up to Emma has returned! Long live the thong!

2. The Formation of The Dark X-Men and Utopia

3. The Return of Nate Grey - X-Man

4. Jean Grey Appears

5. Rogue Gains Control of Her Powers... And Wear Boots!

6. The New Mutants Are Back - Terrific Moments Ensue!

7. X-Factor - The Year of OMG Moments

8. X-Force Saves Boom-Boom... Twice!

9. Old Man Logan Kills The President And Takes Down The Hulk

10. The Logan and Kurt Roadtrip

11. Necrosha - Dead Mutants Return

12. The Death of Lilandra

13. The Brick


Anonymous said...

Maybe Marvel will finally realize her commercial appeal and put her more into the limelight... perhaps even give her a regular series.

The possibilities are looking great for Betsy. :D

PsySpears said...


Anonymous said...

Sales numbers matter much much more than the opinions of some guys on a single forum.

Anonymous said...

With the selling out of her books, the sales numbers may add credibility to this poll.

I, too, hope that this leads to a Psylocke ongoing. But if not, then at least I hope it means Psylocke will not become wallpaper in the books that she does appear in.

centurion said...

This is a long time coming for Betsy. Maybe the 2010's will be a much stronger decade for her than the '90s. I'm definitely not surprised that she made the number 1 slot. What I would like to see is a great presence of Betsy in the animated arena, and probably a strong role in any live action X-Men movies that appear in the 2010s. Betsy's come a long way and will go even further in the coming years...

@lejo said...

The death of Lilandra :C

MattX said...

Whats "The Brick"?

and was it when Jean appeared to Emma to give her a vision, was when Jean appeared?