Friday, January 8, 2010

Psylocke #3 Preview

Cover by: David Finch
Writer: Chris Yost
Pencils: Harvey Tolibao
Inks: Paul Neary & Sandu Florea
Colored by: Jay David Ramos
Lettered by: VC's Joe Sabino

The Story: “Kill Matsu’o” Part 3. Psylocke wants Matsu’o Tsurayaba dead for what he’s done to her. But it turns out that she’s not the only one who wants his head. Now, Psylocke is in a race against a super-powered assassin to get to Matsu’o first… because if anyone is going to end Matsu’o, it’s going to be her.

In Stores: January 13, 2010


Sky said...

Looks promising.

Sad Puppets! said...

LOVE what yost and tolibao are doing with Betsy's power signature. Not in recent memory has it looked this beautiful, focused, unique and dangerous!

La Betsy said...

Wow, cant wait for this...
This art is nothing but getting better.
I cant believe i like the fact that Betsy is still a telekinetic. Yost made Psylocke use her vast psionic powers in creative and cool ways, that make you never forger she is Psylocke:sexy, psionic, ninja and x-woman.
I hate the old Revolution/Exiles times with Betsy flying around in strapless bra.
THIS is what Psylocke always should be.

Anonymous said...

i agree with la betsy
i dont care about destroying mountains and flying
psylocke should be elegance with a little bit of "raw"
love the way she's using her powers now
i hope marvel understands what a good character miss elizabeth can be
make psylocke the way she was, a ninja, no a jean grey that can stay in one corner doing her thing with TK
Psylocke dont stay in corners, she uses her TK in the middle of action
cant wait to buy #3 at ebay

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Awesome is all

This guy not only understands what makes us love this charachter, but is evolving her in a way that has not been seen before. I agree with all the comments, I did not like the TK Betsy until now and combining the Butterfly and TK signatures is new and elegant. And she seems powerful and but not invulnerable.
I now wish this could be an ongoing series.

FSaker said...

Looks great!

Now he just needs to retcon the whole body-swap confusion... I don't know, Matsu'o could reveal in the last issue that the whole story of Betsy swapping bodies with Kwannon was a lie and they were just genetically altered but kept in their original bodies.

That way, him cremating the "British" body would be fair, since he would be giving Kwannon the ceremony she would like, and Betsy would finally be able to reconcile her past and present.

That probably won't be Yost's solution to the plot, but that's okay; I'm sure his idea will be much better than mine, anyway...

Anonymous said...

Tk gloopy shield of awesomness, looks amazing seriously amazing, Betsy needs an ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Also totally agree this new hybrid of close combat tk and telepathy is a perfect power set for Betsy.

Anonymous said...

I think that a great way to distinguish Betsy's TP and TK is to keep them at high levels but extremely concentrated and localized. It would fit into her character's need to get up close for the fight as opposed to knocking out an opponent from a distance.

La Betsy said...

Fsaker, you idea is exactly what i had in mind as a great retcon and is an easy way to fix the whole body swap. I always liked the idea of Betsy's body being altered by Hand/Matsuo/Spiral but after that, the boy swap was a total mess up, at least in my opinion.
If Yost do that i would love him forever.
We have a chance since Betsy in the issue 1 says: Now i know who i am.

centurion said...

Beautiful screens! Wow. Can't wait.

centurion said...

@Fsaker - Good point regarding the body swap... This is similar to what Claremont wanted.


rahchis said...

Th only problem with FSaker's idea (while I'd so love for Marvel to retcon the annoying body swap) is the fact that Kwannon removed the cybernetic eyes from the caucasian body. They'd have to find a good way to retcon that proof of identity away.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This is the perfect powerset for her, I think.

Her "limited" TK is perfect for enhancing her moves and hits, without crossing into the "Invincible Flying Goddess" territory. *ahem*Jean*ahem*.

And her mid-level telepathy is at just the right setting. Powerful, but not so much so that it negates her actual need for physical skills.

Things are looking great for betts.

Anonymous said...

I also like that he is not using the TK sword, I always like her with the real swords.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have Psylocke with TP and TK at highest level BUT used in peculiar ways BECAUSE Psylocke wants and can! She would be an wild card in case of X-Teams need get in trouble and need psonic fighters. But anyways...