Thursday, December 17, 2009

In March Marvel Shows How To Break Into Comics

Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #2 Cover

Newsarama: In early 2010 Marvel will debut two-issue series called Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way, a showcase that will not only spotlight a group of up-and-coming “breakout” artists, but also serve as a resource book giving tools, instruction, and advice to aspiring creators looking to become the future generation of Marvel “Young Guns”.

Each of the two 56-page issues will feature 6 brand new 8-page stories written by Marvel stars like Brian Bendis, Peter David, Mike Carey, Jonathan Hickman, and Marc Guggenheim, illustrated by one of the “Breakout” artists found during “ChesterQuest”, along with insider commentary from Cebulski on how the featured artists got their work seen and how they landed a Marvel gig, as well as comprehensive submissions information and a sample Marvel script.

Newsarama: Can you mention some of them specifically? Some details on the characters/stories we mean.

Jordan D. White: We've got an untold tale of the New Avengers from Brian Bendis. A new Peter David Hulk story. Mike Carey takes us into the history of Psylocke for a look at her past and powers.


Selene said...

Please,tell me you're as excited about this as I am! :-D I mean,Carey finally gets the opportunity to write Psylocke...!

P.S.:Oh,Jesus,are those flashback pages of the dinosaur/Rachel story-arc of Uncanny X-Men?*shudders*

Mr. Hellfire said...

I ADORE this since I totally want to one day write comic books.

But I have to say...the top image looks like all the girls have pink eye.

Anonymous said...

The top image looks like they're drunk, stoned or have hay fever.

centurion said...

I like the Katana and the way Betsy is depicted here. Her eyes are my only complaint :(

@lejo said...

...It´s a beautiful image in a sick, weird, freaky, way lol

but I feel like they´re to many x-girls so why not put Emma instead of Sue ? because she seems out of place among the x-girls.

FSaker said...

@Selene - Yup, that's the battle in Savage Land that happened the last time the X-Men visited there, when Rachel became R'chell (LOL, poor Rachel, that abomination of a story will always stain her past).

Carey writing Psylocke is awesome news, but since the description says he'll "take us into the history of Psylocke", I hope that means the story won't be limited to the Savage Land battle, although it will be quite hard to show a lot of places and times in 8 pages (specially considering this illustration will most likely occupy 2 pages).

BTW, CBR posted today the preview pages for next week's comics. Good news: she gets good panel time (and more than one line!) in Carey's X-Men Legacy. Bad news: remember those UXM #519 preview pages that IGN showed in Fraction's interview this week? Well, guess what - Betsy gets ONE LINE in it, where basically Emma gives her the same order than Scott had given her before, and Betsy just replies "As you wish"... lame.

centurion said...

@Fsaker - Hi. Carey is certainly well equipped to write Psylocke. Psylocke's come far in the past years, but she has much more potential. Yes, that's a lame line in UXM 519.


centurion said...

@Mr. Hellfire - Hi. I definitely think you would make a good comic book writer.

Anonymous said...

i think since the R'chell story didn't explore Psylocke's feelings about being headblind, and also she was suddenly more powerful than phoenix for the first time ever at that time; maybe Carey is going to tell us what Betsy was going through internally, since it "explores her past and powers."

that's just what it seems like to me...also i loved that story!!!! get storm and rachel out of the way and psylocke was the star. awesome.