Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009: X-Men

Fraction said there's "big stuff coming up for Psylocke. Not to be lascivious, but wait til you see Terry Dodson draw Psylocke."

Nation X
IGN: The Return of Magneto

Nation X - Uncanny X-Men #515

Matt Fraction's Uncanny X-Men series will once again be home to the biggest Marvel villain of all time. This Fall, in the aftermath of the X-Men/Dark Avengers crossover, Utopia, writer Matt Fraction will be tackling the "Nation X" arc, and Magneto will play some undetermined role in that storyline.

Nation X - Uncanny X-Men #516

"I think it's safe to say that, through Nation X, we're going to have a lineup and a group of people as X-Men that you've never seen before – living in a world we've not seen before and with a status quo that we've not used before. The first year was very much about having all hands on deck and having a very big, very sprawling cast. As we move forward and the events get bigger and more sprawling the team will focus a little bit more."

CBR: Kyle, Yost, Carey, and Wells talk "Necrosha"
IGN: X-Force Brings Back 16 Million Mutants

Selene's Necrosha - X-Force, X-Men: Legacy and New Mutants

With Messiah War concluded, X-Force is headed to a new crossover - Necrosha. The storyline will bring Wolverine's strike team in line with the New Mutants and Rogue's X-Men Legacy series. Selene is back, and is attempting to raise the dead of Genosha, a former mutant sanctuary that was annihilated by a massive Sentinel in Grant Morrison's New X-Men series.

Doug Ramsey Returns - New Mutants #6

"We have been going for this since our New X-Men run," said Craig Kyle. Kyle said Selene feels cheated by the Hellfire Club. He mentioned he and Chris Yost are huge fans and this is their chance to bring back characters that have been lost to them - including many they had killed. Selene is back and she's bringing lost parts of the X-Universe with her. Yost notes that this is the payoff for stories they've been building since the beginning, and that next month's issue starts to bring everything together. Yost also says it's shockingly violent.


Mirage said...

No big Psylocke news... let down. Although Necrosha does look awesome.

Who do you think will be on Fraction's never-before-seen X-Men?? Would he really bring back Northstar and Psylocke to just ditch them?

Soultapestry said...

I wonder if Betsy and Doug will get be able to have some panels together. They were after all best friend.

Anonymous said...

I bet they'll completely ignore the fact that besty and doug were friends

and they probably won't share any on panel meetings

I'll be surpised if psylocke even get a majore role in these upcoming arcs

FSaker said...

"Not to be lascivious, but wait til you see Terry Dodson draw Psylocke."

As much as I love Dodson's work and can't wait to see him drawing Betsy, it's quite sad that the main news about her is that she'll be objectified once again... I hope Fraction does intend to give her some good development as a character, not just showing her as a pretty face and hot body.

The stories seem promising, that's for sure! I think Psylocke will definitely take part in the Nation X story arc, but unfortunately I don't think she will participate of Necrosha - and if she does, it will probably be just a small cameo. Sad, because as Soultapestry mentioned, she has a story with Doug Ramsey and it could lead to her having a greater role in Necrosha, but I doubt Wells will give her that attention in his title (his main focus is in the New Mutants team) and she wouldn't fit with Legacy, except as a Rogue's assistant...

centurion said...

I don't see Psylocke being completely sidelined in these upcoming arcs. However, I think Bets is still in her re-incorporation phase, which includes a period where writers are trying to deterime what's the best role for her as an X-Woman. In a manner of speaking, she has just landed, and she needs time to re-assert her place on the team. What I am grateful for is Matt Fraction's interest in Betsy and the influence he has used to get her into a mainstream X-book like Uncanny and away from obscurity. In regards to Mirage's comment, I sincerely doubt that Fraction would ditch Bets and Doug. At least I hope not, Mirage...

I agree, Fsaker. Legacy is Rogue's book. I forgot the issue of Legacy (fairly recent), but this issue had Professor X recollect his X-Teams from the past decades, 60s,70s,80s,90s. When it came to his memories of the 90s, it had most of the notable X-Men from that era without Betsy: this was a disappointment. However, one issue of Legacy when Emma Frost was probig Professor X's mind did have a recollection of the 90s team, and Betsy was in that memory. I would have to look up the issue for the exact reference.

At any rate, I like Dodson's art in general, too, Fsaker. What do you think about Paquette's rendition of Bets, Fsaker? Take care.


Dobson said...

I hate Dodson's art. The women are really thick and have exaggerated t&a.

Betsy seems to always get stuck in the B list. A respectable mutant but always in the background. I predict she'll hardly have much contribution to plot and just be shady and devious if Fraction is writing. I wouldn't mind this if she was switched to X-force, but Fraction sucks at everything he does. I really do hope the whole team is brand new. No more cameos. No more one liners and no characterization. Maybe Fraction could slightly redeem himself if he focuses on a team of 7 or 8 mutants only. I want Psylocke to switch books and work with Rouge in Legacy. I don't think Fraction will do anything positive or cool with her.

FSaker said...

I think Paquette did a great job drawing Betsy too, Centurion, she looks gorgeous in Uncanny X-Men #512! At least of this we can't complain: except for Greg Land (whose art I don't even hate, it's just not my favorite), she's in the hands of great artists nowadays: Paquette, Dodson, Tolibao...

centurion said...

Oh yes, Fsaker. I adore Paquette's Betsy. I just got 512 and 513 yesterday through the Marvel subscription service. 512 is a robust issue in terms of page count ;) If I had to choose Paquette over Dodson to draw Betsy, it would be the former. Probably Paquette, Tolibao, and Dodson in that order of favorites.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust Fraction's claim for "big stuff". Most likely Psylocke will be used as a plot device to defeat Ares or Sentry. I wish Carey would steal her!

????? said...

I love Selene

I can't wait till Necrosha comes out