Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Psylocke statue by Bowen

The upcoming Psylocke statue by Bowen has been updated with colors! It's turning out very nicely! Psylocke wields her signature psychic knife and the katana is colored pink. So I'm assuming they went with a telekinetic sword rather than a real one. Still very nice piece! Can't wait to see the finished product!


Psychilde said...

She looks evil!!! lol

Adam said...

I'm with Psychilde. I can't say I'm a big fan of the blue lips. But otherwise it looks pretty cool.

centurion said...

I think it is beautiful but a little more like "Gothic Psylocke." I was lucky to get one of the rare Diamond Select Jim Lee and the Marvel Collector's Club Psylocke figures when they were regular price several years ago, not exorbitantly priced on ebay. For comparison's sake, here are images of the Diamond Select Psylocke Jim Lee for those who may not have seen it:


Notice how this figure is well articulated in a nice pose, but it looks more like British Betsy or Revanche with the Hand Uniform. I think this is probably the best Psylocke out there now.

Here is the Marvel Collector's club figure, which looks more Asian:



PsySpears said...

Yeah i have those two figures,i like em both but the first diamond select ones face is a bit off in my oppinion,i still think the second Neca statue is the best psylocke statue out there.Im looking forward to seeing the final bowen statue,its still a wip tho,so i reckon the lips are gonna be changed.Im looking forward to getting my Psylocke VS spiral statue too :D

centurion said...

Yes, I preordered my Psylocke vs. Spiral statue two months ago :) Can't wait.

MasculineMystique said...

she is somewhat evil now. matt fraction is making her a more shady character. and she wears dark lipstick now too. you'll see in the upcoming months.

centurion said...

Hmmm...I hope she remains an X-Men heroine indefinitely and doesn't become a villain. I remember reading the Wolverine: Days of Future Past mini series, and it was awkward to see Betsy as a villain. Maybe Faction wants to give her a bad-girl image like Emma Frost.

Anonymous said...

Here is a 3d video of it.

centurion said...

Thanks, Victor. Does anyone know when and where we can preorder this statue?

centurion said...

Here is the website for Bowen designs:


I haven't ordered from them before, so I guess I will have to fax or mail (er..) my first time order to them, assuming any Psylockes are left when the order process begins.