Sunday, July 26, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009: Dark Reign


CBR: Marvel's "Dark Reign"
Wolverine teaming with Psylocke? "Yes," Fraction said quickly. "Later." She will also get a mini by Chris Yost later in the year.

Newsarama: Marvel's Dark Reign Panel
"Is Wolverine ever going to team up with Psylocke?" "Yes," Fraction said. "Seriously!"

IGN: Details on Dark Reign's End
Wolverine and Psylocke team-up? "Yes. Seriously," says Fraction. Fan asks "When?" Fraction responds: "I don't know. Later?"

Giant Killer Squid: X-Men Panel
Psylocke and Magneto will be slightly more prominent in the Marvel Universe in the up-coming months. Not as a set, don’t get excited.

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Anonymous said...

Great new

thanks for keeping this wicked blog going

Mirage said...

Ditto (on both accounts).

Yay! Guess this means she'll still be on the team with the new lineup.

centurion said...

Yes, fantastic news. I am curious to see what the relationship between Wolverine and Psylocke will be in the coming months. It ssems as though Marvel has Bets poised to be a front-line X-Lady again and to give her an even larger role in X-books. Psylocke and Magneto? Hmmmm... What is going to make them prominent? This blog is fantastic!


Soultapestry said...

The only thing that would make the Wolverine/Psylocke team up even better is --- Jubilation Lee. Especially since she's now a bit older and grittier. The panels in early "New Warriors" where Logan confronted Jubes about being Wondra, and she establishing her independence and dominance as her own person were AWESOME; I know he had to be so proud.

She doesn't need to come back as "Wondra" but it would be cool if she came back simply as kickass and street-smart. After all, before she joined up with Family-X she was living on her smarts and whit alone! Plus, she saved Logan from the Marauders even though she was seriously out numbered in power set!

FSaker said...

I love to see that Fraction really intends to put Psylocke front and center in the X-Universe, maybe she can reclaim her A-list status in the next months!! I just wish (and hope) that other x-writers also intend to use her in their titles, like Legacy, Astonishing (even if she just gets a small cameo), X-Force, etc., so all readers would get to see her in action.

And yes, if Logan and Betsy are going to team up, they should bring Jubilee along! Who cares if she lost her powers, she hardly ever was useful with her powers anyway; what I want to see is her making her usual funny comments, getting mad at Betsy (while Betsy remains calm), just like the old times. Except now Jubilee is a grown woman, so she should be a little more mature in her manners (but just a little, no more than that).

centurion said...

Fraction is certainly in the position to make Betsy A-List again, but she needs more exposure in other X-titles, as Fsaker mentioned, and maybe even in the latest animated series, and in more recent videogames. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a shot at getting Betsy's name out there again for another generation. Some of the best Wolverine-Psylocke-Jubilee stories came from the days of Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee's run on Uncanny in the late 80s-early 90s. If I had a scanner, I would scan some of the UXM images of Betsy, Wolverine and Jubilee from the early 90s for the other bloggers to view here.

I thoroughly enjoyed Uncanny X-Men 512 and 513. Both had images of Betsy, too. Paquette's women are generally beautiful, and I love his Betsy in UXM 512. In 512, Bets is often referred to as the "New Girl" which supports that she probably is going to be reinvented and made anew in the future. It is good that Matt Fraction shares a strong interest for Psylocke's character. Now let's see how he expresses that passion in the coming months of this year. I would like to see Psylocke make a cameo in Legacy to see what Carey does with her, and also for Psylocke to reminisce about the Outback days with Rogue.


FSaker said...

"and maybe even in the latest animated series"

Exactly! It seems a X-Men anime (animated series in Japanese style) is being produced, and I hope that for once the animators remember that Psylocke is a X-MEN member. Not an "altruistic lonely thief" like in the 90s series, not a Brotherhood of Mutants member like in WatXM, but a X-MEN member...

centurion said...

I like that phrase, Fsaker, "altruistic lonely thief." I am still hopeful that she will return in season two as an X-Woman, not some cameo or obscure character just to fill in a weekend episode. Even in the episode "Time Bomb" she wasn't that convincing as a villian, even while working with the brotherhood. However, she would be very convincing as a junior member of the X-Men, and would fit into that "New Girl" persona Marvel seems to want for her.

The producers could introduce Psylocke to the team in a similar fashion to how Emma Frost joined in the first season of the cartoon, then gain the team's trust gradually, as Frost did.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole purpose of that little scene in WaTX with Psylocke helping the mother of 3 kids was to bring her back later as a hero.