Tuesday, June 2, 2009

X-Position: Paul Cornell

CBR: Paul Cornell joins X-POSITION to answer questions about vampires, the unfortunate cancellation of “Captain Britain” as of issue #15, and the fun he’s having in "Dark Reign: Young Avengers." While he's at it, he answers a question about Psylocke as well. It seems here's another writer who likes her!

Is there any chance of continuing “Captain Britain and MI13” through a miniseries or could it get relaunched under a different title? And any chance of Psylocke showing up before the series ends to say “hello” to her brother?

I'd love to have had Psylocke appearing. I'd like to think we could get a mini together some day. We're talking about it, and we'll keep trying.

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FSaker said...

Such a shame that "Captain Britain and MI13" was cancelled before Psylocke could have the opportunity to guest-star an issue or two of it... it was a great title, from what I've heard.

But it's nice to know that Cornell not only wanted to have Psylocke in his title eventually, but also that he plans to do a "Captain Britain and MI13" miniseries someday! I hope Marvel lets him do it, and if he does this mini, Betsy HAS to appear in it! And not just making a small cameo, but really getting featured in it!