Sunday, June 21, 2009

HeroesCon 2009: Psylocke Mini by Chris Yost Announced!

Newsarama: Psylocke, a four-issue miniseries beginning in November, written by Chris Yost with art by Harvey Tolibao. The storyline of the mini will flow from Psylocke’s recent appearances in Uncanny X-Men and her involvement with The Sisterhood.

More information coming soon!


Anonymous said...


So exciting! <3 Chris Yost and Yolibao's art is great!

captainfur said...

You know what? I've been looking forward to another Psylocke mini for years, but if h
Harvey Tolibao is the penciler I'll pass, I found his Darkhawk and Initiative issues quite bad.

Unless he shows another type of linework, of course.

Anonymous said...

His stuff on DeviantArt is pretty good... especially his Invisible Girl. I think there's potential.

centurion said...

A wonderful surprise. Looking forward to it!