Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take 10: Claremont's X-Men The Secret Cabal counts down the top 10 X-Men to flourish under legendary writer Chris Claremont! Please, take your time and vote for Psylocke on this very same link. :D

10. Gambit

09. Colossus

08. Psylocke

First Appearance: Captain Britain #8 (1976)

Claremont Tenure: Uncanny X-Men #213 (1987) - X-Men #3 (1991); X-Men #100 (2000) - X-Treme X-Men #2 (2001); Uncanny X-Men #455 (2005) - Uncanny X-Men #474 (2006); Exiles #90 (2007) - New Exiles #18 (2009)

Why She Makes the List: "Everyone loves a purple-headed British mutant with psychic abilities whose powers manifest via psychic butterflies, right? Of course. But what do they like even better? A British mutant with psychic abilities whose consciousness and powers have been transported into the body of a super-sexy ninja, a switch which makes the power manifest as a psychic blade. Hell. Yes. Chris Claremont reminds us that ninjas are always awesome." – Secret Cabal member Agent_M

Spotlight Comic: Uncanny X-Men #256 — Psylocke is reborn as Lady Mandarin!

07. Rogue

06. Professor X

05. Nightcrawler

04. Wolverine

03. Storm

02. Phoenix

01. Kitty Pryde


PoP said...

I don't like that quote about liking the "super-sexy" ninja better even if it is true for most people. Pour salt in my British Betsy wounds why don't you! :)

Kitty Pryde should be lower and Psylocke should be higher on the list.

FSaker said...

I'm surprised Betsy wasn't ranked 1st in the list, I mean, Claremont truly LOVES her. Since he brought Betsy to the X-Men, he never let her go away from his grasp, and he always put her front and center on every X-team he was writing at the moment. Damn, he even forced her into the Exiles title so that he could keep writing her, instead of letting Carey use her in his X-Men team (what led Carey to replace her with Cable...).

Well, at least she is in the list. Claremont also really loves Sage, yet she was completely forgotten in this list...

PsySpears said...

Betsy should be higher,and where cyke? Atleast emma was forgotten lol.

centurion said...

Yes, Psylocke thrived under Claremont. I even started to enjoy New Exiles before its untimely cancellation. I hope the new X-Men Forever series gives Psylocke a prominent role, as she had in the 1990s series without the moments of confusion. X-Men Forever has the great potential to clarify much of the confusion in Psylocke's character caused by subsequent (Post-Claremont) X-Men writers. I don't see Claremont excluding Psylocke from this new book, especially because he has an affinity for the character in all of his writings. If Psylocke is marginalized to several cameo appearances, I will be very surprised. Mr. Claremont can do wonders with her character as he had intended to do before his departure. Much of his 80s and 90s work on Uncanny was fantastic, including his depiction of British Psylocke.


Selene said...

I never liked pre-Mutant Massacre Kitty,but she deserves the top spot,in my opinion,granted that she was the X-Man who brought youth and changes to the X-Men.And Sage(and Cannonball and Magneto)would make it into the list,if the list were Claremont's(the characters were listed by the Secret Cabal,not by Claremont).Overall,great list.

P.S.:Luckystar,I'm sorry,but I can't vote for Psylocke,Rogue is my favourite X-Man(but Psylocke always comes second). :-)