Wednesday, June 10, 2009

X-Position: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost

X-Force writers, Chris Yost and Craig Kyle, join CBR to answer your questions in today’s X-Position. Fortunately, there was a question regarding Psylocke, mine! :D The last part was answered at CBR's X-Books forum!

Will Psylocke guest-star in “X-Force” at some point? I think she is the one person that can really relate to what Warren's been through lately (as she just got body-swapped again) and they have such a beautiful story together. Please, make it so!

Yost: No, they had a weird story together. They had that weird “Crimson Dawn” thing, and then he slept with Paige, who was like, twelve.

Kyle: That’s inappropriate. We didn’t write that, did we?

Yost: Nah.

Kyle: Phew.

Yost: There are no plans right now for a significant appearance by Psylocke in X-Force, but you never know. As mentioned, there is a storyline coming up after the X-23 arc that will impact the X-Universe in general, and as such Betsy could well make an appearance there.

And while Psylocke could relate to Warren's situation, I don't see Warren opening up to her right now, for fear of hurting her.


FSaker said...

I agree with Yost, it would be weird for Warren opening up to someone he shut out of his life. It will be nice to see him and Betsy interacting with each other, but I'd like it to happen at a slow pace. Maybe in Uncanny X-Men #512 we'll see them beginning to talk to each other again?

But I'd love if Psylocke could make an appearance in the X-Force stories, even if she won't be part of the team (and I hope she won't - I mean, Betsy may have crossed some lines before, but I doubt she would approve Scott's method of killing people without being self-defense). Kyle and Yost would surely write a kick-ass Betsy!!

Anonymous said...

they didn't seem to care much about using Psylocke and defintiely didn't like her relationship with Warren. it was embarrassing that everyone was pressing them to answer the Psylocke question on CBR when they obviously don't really care enough about using her.

Selene said...

I love it when Marvel writers write stories revolving around the most boring couples(Rogue/Gambit,Emma/Cyclops,Havok/Polaris,etc.)and neglect the most interesting ones.

FSaker said...

Don't worry Selene; even if Kyle and Yost don't want to develop the relationship between Warren and Betsy, the fact that both of them appear in the cover for UXM #512, and very close to each other, indicates that maybe Fraction will develop it.

centurion said...

From their dialogue, I didn't get the feeling that Yost and Kyle had an interest in Psylocke at all.