Monday, April 20, 2009

X-Solicits for July 2009

Uncanny X-Men #513
Written by: Matt Fraction
Pencils & Cover by: Terry Dodson
Variant Cover by: Simone Bianchi
UTOPIA: Chapter 2
WHO ARE THE DARK X-MEN? He has his own Avengers team and now Norman Osborn has his own X-Men team. The other shoe has finally dropped and Emma Frost has betrayed Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men. And that's just one of the huge surprises in "UTOPIA". Is that Namor? Cloak and Dagger? Professor X?! The thing that you aren't ready for is that Osborn is right.

Dark Avengers #7
Written by: Matt Fraction
Pencils & Cover by: Mike Deodato
Variant Cover by: Simone Bianchi
UTOPIA: Chapter 3
The DARK AVENGERS / UNCANNY X-MEN crossover continues! San Francisco teeters on the brink of absolute chaos and the X-Men keep getting in the way of Norman's vision of law and order. So Norman takes his game to the next level: who are the DARK X-MEN? And will Norman's Avengers play nice with Norman's X-Men? Here's a hint: no.

X-Men: Legacy #226

Written by: Mike Carey
Penciled by: Dustin Weaver
Cover by: Terry Dodson
Rogue, Gambit and Danger go to join the X-Men in San Francisco, only to find it in flames. The Dark Avengers have come into town and are taking no prisoners. Wait, the whole problem is that they ARE taking prisoners. Norman Osborn has the city of San Francisco in the palm of his hands and mutants are being forced to take sides. Will they side with Cyclops and the X-Men? Or go to Osborn and his Dark X-Men? What side will the returning mutants and one of the X-Men’s most powerful foes take? Part 1 (of 2).

I'm hoping this gives Mike Carey the opportunity to finally write Psylocke!

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 9 Premiere HC
Cover by: Tom Grummett

Consider this an intervention: You like to pretend you can tell the difference between Ronan and Ronin, but you can't keep it up. Let go of your Pride, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe was made for people like you! Where else are you going to get comprehensive biographies on everyone from the Punisher to Arcturus Rann? You get heroes like Polaris, Power Pack, Power Princess, Prodigy, Professor X, Prowler, Kitty Pryde, Psi-Force, Psylocke, Puck, Quake, Quasar, Quicksilver, Rage, Monica Rambeau, Rawhide Kid, Rocket Raccoon, Rockslide, Rogue, Runaways, Sage and Sasquatch! And in villains, there's Plantman, Psycho-Man, Puppet Master, Purple Man, Pyro, Radioactive Man, Reavers, Red Skull, Rhino, Sabretooth, Sandman and more besides! By the time you're quoting Proteus history by heart you'll be the envy of your peers!


FSaker said...

Yay, TWO chances for Betsy to appear in comics in July!

I think it's pretty sure to assume she WILL take part on the Uncanny X-Men/Dark Avengers crossover, so my expectations are that she plays a nice part in it, instead of just sitting in the kitchen eating a cereal bowl.

But I truly hope she also appears in X-Men Legacy! I definitely wanna see how Carey would write her as a character...

Andrew said...

If Emma Frost is leading the Dark team that means there's room for a telepahth on Uncanny's team! Hopefully British Betsy will be that person!

Giles said...

"I have a Dream. I have a Dream that Emma Frost will be kicked out of the X-Men so fast, that she wont even now what hit her, and that Betsy will take her place as the teams psi!" ;-)

The Emma's-out-Betsy's-in goes quite well with what Fraction said:

...she (Psylocke) provided stuff that no one else on the team had in terms of character, power set...

Power set? That no one else on the team has? Unless they ment the TK, I would say it almost given that Betsy will have her TP back! ;-)

Rogue said...

LOL, i tjought the same, that with Emma leading the Dark X-Men, the X-Men would need a telepath and since there is no one else on the team who is one, Betsy would have to fill thet role.

Francis said...

we still do not know if Betsy will have her telepathy back...i'm hoping that will go in addition to her current the way it sounds great, dark reign is catching me in even more than the skrull invasion

FSaker said...

Betsy becoming the team's main (or only) telepath is a nice idea, indeed - but only if by the end of the Utopia crossover Cyclops is kicked off the X-Men for his little dark secrets...

But even if Emma leaves, there is the possibility of Jean returning, as the UXM #511 cover hints. Although I feel Jean nowadays would fit better with one of the Avengers team or in space adventures with Rachel and the Starjammers than with the X-Men; she doesn't seem to fit with the "endangered species/prejudice" theme anymore...

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I would really like to see Psylocke on the opposite team from Emma.

However it looks like the Dark X-men have Prof X, and Emma has not only herself, but the cuckoos so that would kind of tip the scales to that corner, unless of course Psylock retains her immunity to telepathy.

I wonder if they will make her blonde if she stays in the British body.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CmX! You're the best <3 I've added Dark Avengers and this Handbook that features Psylocke to the solicits list.

If Psylocke isn't featured in any of those "Utopia" books, I'll be very pissed!

Anonymous said...

well i know psylocke will be on the science team in 512 (ugh) so hopefully she'll return to the uncanny team. science team is so boring. also, i want rouge and gambit back on the uncanny team and for them to get rid of the boring newbies like Armor and Pixie.

Anonymous said...

I agree, can she stay in the same time and earth continuity for more than a couple of issues? She was out of the fray for all the cross over stuff when she was in exiles, and now more cross over stuff is happening and she goes back in time!

FSaker said...

Yes, let's hope she doesn't stay stuck in the past and is able to come back to the present in time to kick the Dark Avengers' and the Dark X-Men's asses (except for Xavier, I like him as a character and would like to see Betsy and him teaming up for once).

And BTW, this handbook cover looks great! And it's nice to see her in her New Exiles outfit (she could actually keep it in Earth-616 adding just a belt with a "X" symbol, regardless of which body she'll have)! I hope she gets at least one full page in it...