Wednesday, April 8, 2009

X-Position: Mike Carey

"X-Men Legacy" writer Mike Carey talks about Psylocke in this week's X-Position. Check it out!

You've said several times that would you like to write Psylocke. After her comeback in Fraction's series, do you think you'll be allowed to use her?

It's not really a question of “allowed.” In fact, the X-editors are very relaxed right now about allowing the casts of the different books to swap around and inter-penetrate. It's more a question of how Psylocke will fit into what we're doing next in “Legacy.” I don't want to drag her in by her heels and have her look and feel out of place in the story. But I do want to bring her in at some point, when it makes sense to do so.

Cgar at the CBR Forums also asked Mike about the possibility of using Psylocke in future storylines. Here's what Carey answered:

Mike Carey: Basically, I'm going to bring her in when I can make it seem natural.


Francis said...

i hope that's not a nice way to say he won't be likely to use her

FSaker said...

Nah, I think it means he doesn't want to use her without her participation being meaningful to the story. If I remember well, Carey likes Psylocke and wanted to use her in Rogue's X-Men team, but back then CC was using her in Exiles...

Being in X-Men Legacy (or whatever name the title may get now) could do wonders to Betsy like it did to Rogue. Carey could revisit her story (being blinded, joining the X-Men, changing bodies, etc.), make it more coherent and refining her as a character. I'd love that!

Francis said...

i really hope so. Betsy has the potential to be a prominent x-woman like Frost has become.I confide Carey will make miracles with her